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Shakarian Shipper forever. :cry:


In speaking of princess, I super ship Arland MC with Claremont (I'm not an alpha tester either but if he's part of a rebellion, I really like the idea of sheltered MC eventually losing that naivety and becoming a lady of war like holy crap look at that possible arc)

Shakarian <3 "forgive the insubordiation...." (no need to forgive anything, just please go find somewhere tropical for your krogan kids and live off the royalties of the vids pls)


"So.....come here often?"

"Vakarian- Garrus Vakarian. Codename: Archangel. All round turian bad-boy and dispenser of Justice in an unjust galaxy! Also- I kill Reapers on the side. And you are?"


I wanted an after credits scene where daddy Garrus and momma Shep are teaching their baby krogan how to shoot guns for their latest Reaper Invader film, while Joker sits on the sidelines, screaming: 'BACK IN MYYYY DAAAY' and EDI just groans in annoyance.


I LOVE GARRUS SO MUCH!!!!! Like his is a video game character that I'm actually in love with. I love so many characters, but I'm IN love with him :joy::joy::joy:Have you played the citadel DLC in ME3???


Just for those who might be curious about the demoness/detective game I mentioned a while back, I just wanted to reassure you that we will have male characters/romance options planned. Some of you might have seen Raphael below on a Patreon page. I won't really be doing anything with it until next year, but art is getting done.


Wait, what? Where!? Tell me more!


@iris I don't want to give away to much at this moment, just that I'm hoping to make a game where the player is a demoness/demon detective.

If you are curious about a couple more characters, scroll up to about post 158.


I always worry about the exact opposite :stuck_out_tongue: Seems a lot of games want to throw guys at you, it's getting to romance another woman that is sadly not as common :frowning: ...except here


And often they end up being "friendship routes."

As much as I like Queen's Crown, I'm still a bit hurt that a possible f/f route was a stretch goal, and then the writers had people vote on whether or not to add another f/m route or the f/f route, and everyone voted for another f/m route....


Otome is one game genre I can only play female protagonists - I try on those with guys but it ends up always feeling forced and stereotypical to me (although I bet its just me).


Well, for the next 3-4 games I am planning on working on, there will definitely be f/f content at least on parity with f/m

I agree I am not a big fan of something just ending with a friendship route. It is fine in a game like Black Closet (by Hanako Games) where one route is friendship since at least 3 others were romance.


LOL I am still waiting for the 'Cursed Project' from Winter Wolves to finally see light.....


For those interested in f/f games Christine Love's new game has just been released. My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme Beauty Who Want Me In A Bind!! or, Ladykiller in a Bind just been released. It's an erotic visual novel about social manipulation and girls tying up other girls.

http://ladykillerinabind.com/ 18+ Game NSFW.


Honestly I'm incredibly lazy, so I'm not gonna go through all 200 posts.

I'm sure games like Re:Alistair++ and Backstage Pass have been mentioned.

There's also Hakuoki, Nameless, Dandelion, Mystic Messenger (this one is time based and on your phone)...

The hundreds of voltage routes--theyre $4 each but generaly pretty cute. I really like the Sakura Amidst Chaos, My Forged Wedding, My Wedding + 7 Rings, and Scandal in the Spotlight options best...OH. And Kiss of Revenge, where you play a psychotic doctor out to kill some peeps.

.....i...i play a lot of dating sims, because at least fake men don't cheat on you lmfao

I have spent at least $3k over the course of 5 or 6 years just on Voltage games. They come highly recommended from me.

There's also A2 a due, which is free and involves the element of a language barrier...

Um there's C14 Dating, an archaeology-puzzle-dating sim that involves romance options with believable problems, like cochlear implants and prosthetic arms.

...god, this makes me realize just how much time i spend kn dating sims.

I uh...I have some thinking to do about my life choices, lol

Oh! And Ozmafia, which is cute. And Amnesia: memories which has some TERRIFYING bad ends involving you, dog cages, the bottom of wells, and psychotic fangirls. Luv


whispers i used to be friends with amy (pacthesis) irl. We dont talk anymore, but thats always a fun thing.

Did you guys used to play the games that inspired Amy? my cup of tea was the series


In case anyone is curious, these are some of the characters and npcs in Love Bites being made for Winter Wolves.

The MC (you will get to choose):

From left to right: Tyrone, Sabrina, Nadia, and Viktor


Ugh. All my favorites haven't been finished yet.

There was this kind of okay episodic one I liked a bit but there was only the first three episodes last time I saw it. The title was something like "my story" and the main character has a rather neutral look. I was playing the mascot route instead of dating my more normal classmates though.


Oh I remember that. That's High School Story/Life by EA. It doesn't exist anymore, so I hope you didn't spend any money on it.

I did. For the Hogwarts-esque one. $10 for all episodes, past, current, and future (at the time). They didn't send out any information that they were cancelling it, so I went back to redownload, and android was like "nah fam, doesn't exist anymore"

t h a n k s


All the results I get for searching EA high school look nothing like what I was talking about. Also EA doesn't strike me as the sort to admit the first draft of a character was a reference to an obscure movie (school mascot=Donnie Darko).

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places?


Are you thinking of LongStory by chance? I know there was a mascot in that, though I didn't try to date them