England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


Can we kill the king if he tries to execute or get rid of us?


How influential is Mary T. as a spouse?



The Moot needs a choice on whether or not you decide to pick Protestant or Catholic.

“The English Crown must lead in peace and virtue!” should not affect your religion.

“Nobel” in every case should be changed to “Noble.”


Can you interact with your children in this game, or engage them to other nobility/royalty?


Will the professional reform of the British Navy be an option? I believe Henry was the one who started the process of creating Britain’s famous navy. Is Flagship being the early model.


Can you interact with your children in this game, or engage them to other nobility/royalty?

Yes, that’s the plan.

Will the professional reform of the British Navy be an option?

I meant to do that, but it got put on the back-burner. I’ll try to bring that mission stream back.

Can we kill the king if he tries to execute or get rid of us?

I haven’t thought it all the way through, but I’m leaning more towards a revolution rather than cloak and dagger. There may be a bit of that too. But not until the end I think.

1. Will it be possible later on in the book the player can become king/queen of England

2. Also can the player unite the British Isles

3. Finally can the player conquer Europe for England (maybe even into western Asia)
  1. Yes, you can become both. Queen will be easier, Henry has a few.
  2. Good idea. I’ll make it an achievement.
  3. No. I won’t play with that type of militarist expansion. I’m already overplaying England’s hand quite a bit by suggesting it can colonize. England is far more likely to get invaded than invade.

How influential is Mary T. as a spouse?

Very influential. however, you may temporarily have your status reduced when the King is angry at you. If she has a child, it will obviously have an outside shot at the throne.


Thanks…Especially that religious error. I’ll address on next update on weekend. I fear the nobel/noble problem may pop up elsewhere.

The moot idea I might stick with but explain better. Maybe reconfigure as simply #“Hang out with Protestants”.


Good thing I chose to win the King’s favor by facilitating the marriage to Anne before marrying Mary, right?


Well, fair enough. You can always edit the Noble Prize in in the final draft.

And I had more interpreted the moots as debates than as Protestant showpieces, but I see you thought of them more as the latter. Good to know!

Another thing: There’s a single window in 1522 for Romance and Marriage unless you go Lady-in-Waiting and chase the King, so any other romance locks you out of diplomacy. This feels a bit off. IMO, romance shouldn’t seriously hamper your ability to make things happen, because seeking out a spouse is part of your basic duties as a noble. It shouldn’t be harder than going home to check on your estate, f’rex.

In 1524, if trying to make peace between the Hapsburgs and France, if your French > Hapsburg, you get +15% to Hapsburg and +5% to French, and the narration says that the Hapsburgs are very happy and the French are relieved. But! If French is not greater than Hapsburg, it says that the French are happy and the Hapsburgs are relieved…
*set hapsburg %+15
*set french %+5

The logic in the second case is backwards, I believe!

Should subjugating the Irish reduce celt_power?

Thoughts on 1525: It said my finances were strained, but my Finances stat was just fine, due largely to victories in Flanders and Ireland. Why do I need a successful estate when I’ve got plunder?

And will it be possible to seek a separate romance while being the King’s mistress or the queen? (Because that worked so well for Katherine Howard…)


I expanded the window for romance a bit. Less trade-offs for romance seem like a good idea. I’ll give a serious re-think to balancing the romance stream with other career streams. I want some trade-offs, but perhaps not 1:1.

I’m going to go through and re0jig diplomacy. My thought at the time was that the faction you neglected was more appreciative of a peaceful overture, especially after exhaustive wars in Italy.

“celt-power” is indicative of Scotland/Ireland increasing power at the expense of England. In most games, the MC will want all other “power” except English power to go down.


Right. Hence my question about the PC going on a “diplomatic mission” and subjugating the Irish by military power. Seems to me that that might weaken Ireland a little.


Will all of the MC’s children survive past infancy? Will our MCs get to meet their grandchildren?


Infant mortality will be at historic rates for the male MC, and slightly higher for dramatic purposes for the female MCs. Risky regardless.

Grandchildren will be mentioned in a very long epilogue.


Will the children you have in the game be based on the children of your spouse (if you marry an influential figure)?
Also, I played through the update. I like the investments bit. Will Anne B. have a stronger grip on her position if you use Wosley/Gardiner/More to put pressure on the Pope to write the bull that changes history? I would imagine that Anne’s enemies would lose the “irreparable damage to England’s population’s immortal souls” leg to stand on, as England remained Catholic .


I just came to notice this: so far, most of the choices in the game have cast the PC as pro-Henry, and this is particularly blatant in the Parliamentary chain, where the first mission will always be to raise taxes.

It’s entirely possible that I want the king check-reined and the rights of Englishmen since time immemorial protected. In the first Parliamentary mission (either 1523 or 1525), can we have an option to oppose new taxes and wasteful foreign ventures, and support the independence of Parliament?.

Also, I think that you should have the continental crisis, and then the challenge to Wolsey, resolve on their own if the PC doesn’t get involved - the war on the continent should not continue forever just because the PC hasn’t stepped on it, and Wolsey v. More seems like it should turn on cardtrial.


Hey quick question:

Is there a way to save the Duck of Buckingham? I see him as a romance option and was just curious


Yes. You have to get involved in the trial.


Good idea regarding Parliamentary chain. I’m going to put it temporarily on the back-burner. But I note, Thomas Cromwell in the 1520s said the King’s war in France was a silly waste and it did him no harm later in his career. He of course was a commoner… I suspect if an earl of Plantagenent ancestry said this, it would be “fighting words” and you would be in dangerous situation.

But there should be a continuous/coherent build-up of resistance to the king. I’ll try to integrate the Tennis-Buckingham-Parliament-commoner-protestant decisions with a few tracers in order for the MC to become a symbol of opposition to absolutism (or at least opposition to Henry).

I’ll try to get in the check for the wars on the continent but they were nearly continuous wars between France and Hapsburgs (with fruitless interventions by England).


Yes. That’s the idea. An Anne that is accepted by a Pope will be more secure. My historical conjecture is that there could have been a more latinizaed version of the Anglican church, or the Catholic Church of England could have received the autonomy realized by the French church, had the Papal advocacy turned out differently. So Anne may have become a fixture of the English court beyond 1536.

Then again, her many enemies and the roll-of-the-dice of pregnancy might make her fall from power. The MC will play a role in that.

I’m soemwaht concerned that the Fall from power of Buckingham, Wolsey, More, Anne, and Cromwell all will get repetitive so I’m going to change it up a little.


Well, as Wolsey said, his survival is only delaying the inevitable - he’ll die soon regardless of whether he keeps power. Buckingham’s only relevant if you make him relevant. It’s More, Anne and Cromwell whose survival or fall has real stakes and will lead to serious plot branching.