Enchanted in Blood WIP (Updated 11/29/2020)

I can see your commander looking over the report, shrugging, a little smike quirking her lips, then putting the report in a droor, and locking it, never looking at it again.
That’s just me, though.
This is when you punched/slapped, him, by the way.


I didn’t encounter the same problem. Maybe you should wait for it to load a little longer?

Quinn being a goof
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Thanks for pointing out…

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Its great having a RO(?) be as forward as we are :sob::heart_eyes:

That lecture meme caught me off guard soo hard :joy:


I’m absolutely in heaven with everyone pining after the MC, the looks of jealousy feed my soul :joy: I can’t wait to see what the group dynamic is gonna be like when we start working on the case, I feel like it’s gonna be so chaotic (mostly courtesy of Quinn probably :laughing:) and the lore was definitely not boring or confusing! I was actually very interested in reading it all. Looking forward to the next update, I really wanna know why Atin was so bothered by that picture :eyes:


I second that both the emotions and the lure really bring you into the story


thanks, they’ve been corrected :smiley:

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Damn you cliffhangers and damn me for falling in love with this wip.

I :clap:need :clap: MOAR! :clap::clap:


Dashingdon is sometimes pretty slow with the pictures unfortunately :confused: This probably won’t be a problem in the finished app.

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Writing those scenes was like:

Yeah, it’s gonna be a bit different later when they start getting to know each other better :smiley: And now there were some bosses in the room as well so… not that fun :smiley:

Heh. Atin has some… issues. You will definitely discover what later in the story so I can’t tell more :smiley:


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Edit: :heart:

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On a brighter note-
Flirted with Atin the whole time and he may be my favorite at the moment…

But then Quinn comes along looking all good with his shining buttons- no no no My hoe is coming out :pensive:


lol that’s me and my MC too!

why does every RO have to be so attracting :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


My testing MCs also went “oooooh shinnyyyyy” almost every time… And then I had to remind myself that NO, I’M TESTING NOW :smiley:


One. I’m assuming that the reason that Adin was looking at that picture of the way she was, has something to do with her past. Maybe she interacted with a human family who had a child who disappeared? Might explain why she join the police force, if we ever get that.
Two. Quinn has some sort of magic? I assume. Only way she could physically stop Roga from ripping, what’s his name bagels? Head off. Even though that would’ve been fun to see.


Hmm you are getting close there, but not quite :wink:

Heh good eye :smiley: Quinn did almost the same thing to Roga as Agent Vega did to the MC when they first met.

Also… did you notice the bagel I sneaked in there? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Almost the same thing? How do you get that? Agent bagel, I’m gonna call him bagel now, because, bagel, equals funny
Agent bagel when shaking the MC’s hand, consciously or not, made it pretty clear that the agent had magic. Roga and Quinn’s interaction seemed more like Quinn either distracted, or just took that memory.
It’s almost like Roga just forgot about the memory, or just doesn’t register its existence anymore. Could be something different, but.
Also? All this talk about bagels has made me hungry. Unfortunately I ate all the crumpets, and we actually do have bagels. Period
Also. Are we going to ever got a look at that Rune carved axe in your commanders office? That sounds like something I would like to take a look at. :slight_smile:
When I say look, I mean other than when Commander decides to instant murder us for something along the line.


Agent Vega (or Bagel if you insist) enchanted the MC on purpose when he touched them (I think it was clear that he did it on purpose when he said that he liked watching the rookies riled up). It was very brief but he used magic on you which left you disoriented and light-headed as a side-effect. Now I think it’s not hard to deduce that Quinn also used some kind of enchantment on Roga when they touched them, which left Roga disoriented and light-headed as a side-effect :wink:

Hehe that’s actually just a myth. Nobody in the Division knows if it exists and I’m not telling :stuck_out_tongue: