Enable autosave when compiling

Some months ago, around when the conversations about *save_checkpoint were happening, I saw a post about editing a ChoiceScript file so that a compiled ChoiceScript html file will keep progress if a player closes their browser tab (the same way a released game does).

I did this for my Honor Bound files a while ago. Now, I’ve completely forgotten what I edited and what I did. And I’ve searched with a variety of possible words and phrases but can’t track down the posts where it was discussed. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Compiled HTML games will keep your progress if you add an *ifid command to your startup.txt file.


Add an IFID to allow saving progress

“WARNING: No *ifid. Refreshing the browser tab will erase all progress.”

If you see this warning in the exporter, then you may have forgotten to set an IFID. If players use an HTML file like this, and they play your game for a while, and then close or refresh their browser tab, they’ll lose their progress.

The export page will offer you a randomized IFID that you can use. Just copy and paste the *ifid command to the top of your startup.txt file, and the warning will go away. Then, when users refresh the page, progress will be saved locally in their browser.


Thank you so much!

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