Empty Shell (name still up for debate) (WiP) - Stage: Alpha

I really like the game and i’m excited to see progress but there seems to be a problem- the game stops when i choose mopping the floor with finn when you choose what chores to do the second time (and i also chose to flirt with finn)- i press the next button and nothing happens must be a bug…

Let me check that. It might be yet another bad label.

I can’t find anything wrong with that part. Does it give an error message?

Well, as a player it gets boring, to put it bluntly. I tend to end up skimming if I get too many screen without choices, until I see another choice, by which time I probably will have missed information and have no choice but to blunder blindly onward. See what I am saying? Even if it was only more as with ‘doing the deed’ – as in, you’re doing it, like it or not – I would feel less… irrelevant. I want to play, not only read. Does that make sense? :flushed:

No- that’s the strange thing, i get no error message. The game simply won’t continue, like i didn’t press the button - and i tried restaring the game and it was the same thing when i got to that part…

here is some titles:

Empty Shell (this one actually is yours

Un-Controllable (this one is like a pun since we dont have control… and can get to control our mc in the future…)
Killer Cell
Genetic Soul or Genetic Control
Stolen Freedom
Used to kill

I think insanity is good enough, oh and about the chapter 3 i think i read that already when you update chapter 2? is something about given an orden to kill someone ¿no? id check it again… :wink:

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@JTAL Yes, it makes sense. Not feeling like you have control over the story must be annoying and make it tempting to skip things. Not managing to make it interesting enough to continue reading would be my fault though.
Still, in this setting it feels wrong to me to just go throwing in choices just for the sake of having choices.

@Rebelgirl Found it and fixed it. It was a bad label that put you in a continuous loop for that particular scene.

@anon4518890 Why does everyone manage to get to the stuff that isn’t finished yet :sob:
Did you get to the ‘Halfway across the Solar System’ part during that playthrough though? Just curious.

‘Empty Shell’ sounds about 90% right, so let’s just go for that one for the time being. (Good idea btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

haha dunno, we may be just that awesome to get to the 3 chapter before you updated it :blush: and the chapter finished after You go to trow the body of the one you murder in a ship that is leaving somewhere so i think not=?

Nope, that’s not the end yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Er no, it’s not feeling like I have no control over the story, but a complete lack of input on my side. When you do ‘the deed’ you got three choices – but all result in ‘the deed’ being done any way. That kind of input would help break up the sequence of being naught but a passive observer.

I hope I managed to explain this time. :flushed:

I have to agree with @JTAL I feel less in control of my character and more like im just watching (reading) them do stuff with maybe a few small “how does that make you feel” questions here and there. And some very minor interaction that I can control.

I guess what im saying is my character doesn’t feel like MY character… But then again that might be the whole point because they are a “puppet” and all…

Again, it is not feeling like I have no control over the story in the third chapter, but a complete lack of input from after the deed I ‘object’ to. To me, another ‘how does that make you feel’ question or two during that sequence would make me as a player happier. I know, by then, that I am a puppet, but I have at least been allowed some input up until then.


I will consider it. :thought_balloon:

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That is all I can ask, thank you. :relaxed:

Update: Not nearly ready for the next update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, I’m considering renaming this to ‘Blank Space’, since ‘Empty Shell’ doesn’t really sit well with me. Opinions on this would be appreciated.

Blank Space is a great name for this.

I hope you don’t get in trouble because blank space is a song.

Actually, I’m more worried about people somehow perceiving this game as some sort of Taylor Swift parody than anyone suing me for using it as a title. It should be generic enough, it’s obviously not a song and doesn’t have anything to do with some aforementioned person.

i dont think is wise to use that title, you know what they said " better safe than sorry ", take your time to think for a name is not like this is going to be released tomorrow :smile:

I never would have known that Blank Space is a song, of course I’m not exactly the person to ask about the top of the charts.

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Yeah I would be carefuly man people get sued for the stupidest of reasons these days