Empty Shell (name still up for debate) (WiP) - Stage: Alpha

Ok. Hope I’ve got everything this time around.

I’m getting a error just before the second week. When I move supplies with Xena, And when I mop the floors with Ariel.

Edit: I get it when I help Finn the first week as well

Quick test of my previous actions. Still got one issue (if on a different line)

Second time I picked cooking first. Then at:

‘You’re now sitting at your usual table in the mess, surrounded by
the same people as usual. The odd atmosphere makes you curious.’

pyow line 383: Non-existent variable ‘choicefirstwave’

Instead of line 383 it appeared on line 388.

So far I have ‘reached the end’ in other play-troughs, though. :relaxed:

@JTAL @Bloodhawkereaper Ok. I’ve found and fixed three more bad lables. And thank you all for sticking around.

No problem. A lot of the time I can’t manage it (health) so I’m just glad I can help now. :blush:

Plus, I wan to see where this goes… I will hold out for a less-than-depressing ending if I play things right (and the opposite if I try for that, ha). It is a different game, to be sure. And those passages about trust and that… :scream:

Right off the bat you learn Ellis name, but who I am playing… ? If game doesn’t start with “MC” then would be nice knowing who is this “you” that isn’t “you=mc” Like when are the bold words in italic type name of the character that would help. MC you recognize by its unique inner dialog and hes/shes pov, but others left me guessing, am I playing the one in the beginning or some other or… ?

Other then that, idea seems nice, like to see how it’s going to play out. It felt little bit rushed at the beginning. MC just come aboard the ship and asked to join at the table. I understand that there was more time between thous scenes, a day or something. Maybe a scene were MC is questioned, examined?

Anyway, keep up the good work, good luck!

OK, played through to the end now… I must say I miss any kind of interaction after, ahem, ‘the deed’. Even if it is a minor choice I would like to see something. I understand it is out of your control, as the deed itself, but I personally feel I want something or risk start skimming the text. Maybe a chance to reflect on it yourself, rather than having all on auto-pilot, so to speak? Not sure…

Hesitating to do some of the things? Just a(n unfamiliar) emotional reaction? Something…

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at the start of the 2 chapter after doing “moving supplies” when you then replied to the guy Jason about how was your day if you choose the 3º option " I’ll tell you just what you can do with your chores" a error pop up

hmm i think the lack of choices or control to our mc will make the game too boring, dunno if you have played “Sword of the elements” or read some of the reviews xD… the game did have “Choices” but none of them was actually a choice but an " Action" for example:

There is a nice chair in the next room:
1º You go and kick the chair
2º You go and sit down in the chair
3ª You just look around the room

I like choices in games but if you want an advice dont add meaningless choices or actions…
also you said our mc is like a puppet but it doenst mean we are controlled all the time right?

The point being that there is no ‘deed’. What made you think there was? Then I can try to make that part more clear.

Found and fixed the error. Once again a bad label, and some missing dialog as well.

I haven’t played “Sword of the elements”, but I have read some of the reviews. Let’s just say that I hope not to get too many of those for this game.

For meaningless choices, I’m not planing to add any, to the point where it might annoy people for a lack of choices.
For example, there is only one (1) choice in chapter 3.

The mc has some degree of freedom, but only within the boundaries of the orders he/she has been given.
If you choose to do so the mc will start to be more autonomous, but depending on how you play your cards that might come at too high a price for you to be willing to pay. But that’s still a lot of chapters away at this point.

well, i prefer lack of choices to meaningless choices :smile:

i did forget to ask, will you add more stats? like powers or abilities=?

Well, the superhuman strength, agility and reflexes are all genetic and won’t develop much in the course of the story, so there won’t be stats for those, I’m afraid.
There will be more gradations in the people stats though. (like relationship status and such)

Oh, weird.

I was playing (well, reading) through a whole sequence involving a rocket engine and an ID tag, if I say it that way to avoid spoiling for anyone else, but now I cannot seem to get there again. Hmm, curious. Am I going insane(r)? :scream:

Aand that’s chapter 3 again. And that’s not supposed to be in there. Again.
So if you are going insane, so am I.

Heh, all right. :sweat_smile: Can’t seem to be able to get there any more, at least not in these last half a dozen attempts. That sequence of events was the ‘lack of control’ I was referring to. :blush:

Oh, OK. Now it makes a bit more sense. And feel free to be annoyed by the ‘lack of control’ you have in that situation. I’m pretty sure your mc is feeling the same way about it, though I’m not able to properly put that feeling into words.

This appeared one scene after choosing to wash the dishes with Xena

That doesn’t sound like a command… Oh wait, I put an asterisk in the text there…
I’ll go fix it right away.

Fixed. This is slowly turning into a major bug hunt. Let’s hope chapter 3 won’t give that many issues.

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Update: Chapter 3 added. I’m on a roll people :grin:
Let’s hope this one doesn’t break as badly as chapter 2.


Wow, that escalated quickly lol