EMBERS -- A Sci-Fi Movie Kickstarter


Hey all–

A dear friend of mine and Dan’s is Kickstarting a feature movie. You should all go and check it out!

Any and all support ($$ donations are great, but if you can’t, Facebook shares/likes and Tweets are literally almost as good) is greatly appreciated!

(PS Her husband, Charles Spano, is actually working on a Choice of Game at the moment as well!)


That looks such an intriguing idea for a movie. It’s the sort of sci-fi I find fascinating, those what if questions.

Unfortunately, I’ve no money currently and likely won’t have anything well into the new year, so I can’t afford to back it. I do hope it does well.


Same as I am only 13

But they seem so nice and I will be rooting for them


Like I said, though, if you tweet about it or share it on Facebook, that’s almost as good as donating. The more exposure, the better!


Yup I wi try to tomorrow morning


Memento is one of my all-time favourite movies. This seems to have some of that feel. Awesome. :slight_smile:


Ooh, that reminds me of a recent theory of mine: That sleep, - and unconsciousness in general, - is not a lack of consciousness per se, but rather a total shutdown of the faculty of memory. So, being constantly stuck in the present, is to be asleep. The present, y’see, is a lot shorter than people seem to think, and memory is required for any form of reflection.

But I suspect what these film-writers mean by being stuck in the present, is merely having a daily memory-reset… And that just brings to mind that ghastly Adam Sandler affair.

(Edit: Although I must second @Lucid in supporting Memento, while we’re on the topic)


I didn’t get the impression of a daily memory reset in the video. It seemed like it would be more intricate and complex than that.


@FairyGodfeather What sort of memory loss, did you figure, then?


I was imagining closer to Memento than to what was it, 50 first dates or something?

However, you are right, they do make mention of waking up the next morning being unable to remember the past. I’d assumed, from the video that they’d actually done extensive research into the subject and were going to take a more realistic look of amnesia, and then add their sci-fi spin. They do show clips of people who do have memory issues, as well as discuss anterograde and retrograde memory loss.


@FairyGodfeather The clips they showed struck me as being anterograde in the nature of the memory loss, which I had classed as “daily memory-reset” for simplicities sake.

I rather hope they afford sufficient attention to the socio-political structure of the world, were such a condition to be widespread, - since the inability of people to learn new skills, or build relations, would be very consequential.


They have $630 to go! Every donation matters!