Element picture suggestions


Hi all, hunting for some ideas. I’m going to have a small picture for the element you choose in my game. I’ve got Earth’s done as a example:

I’m not happy with the water droplet I did for water, will probably change it to a wave or fish. Fire has to be a flame, not happy with that one either but will work it out.

Air though- I’m drawing a bit of a blank. What should I have for air? I had some swirly lines but they’re not great, could have something like a bird’s wing but that’s not quite right either. Any suggestions?


Nice picture you have there. As for your question. Ever consider continue that idea? 3 swirls of wind cycling each other instead of one. There’s always a tornadoe.

Then there’s always keeping with the droplet idea…


I second the tornado. However, I think a cloud could work as well.


For fire I was thinking, maybe you could draw a torch instead of a flame.


They’re all great idea’s thanks :slight_smile: