Elections-who are you voting for and why?


Hi guys, since elections are coming up I’m interested in who you are voting for and why. I’m Canadian and I am voting for the liberals because they have a plan to reduce waste in the oceans, help support middle class families and a plan to help refugees. Thanks!:grinning:

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If Trump’s polls are low enough he will drop out. So all you have to do is constantly vote against Trump and convince lots of other people to do the same. Simple!:grinning: Also, liberals probably won’t win because people just can’t get enough of Steven Harper. When I saw the that NDP and liberals are going to strategically vote against conservative, I got hopeful but than I read an article on MSN about why they are doomed to fail. False hope, damnnit!:sweat:


Wow, I had no idea we were talking about american elections until Trump came up.I haven’t heard any other names besides Bernie, Hillary, and Trump.



BERNIE SANDERS FOR PREZ. really tho i hope he wins



Most feminists want Hillary to be elected, since she will be America’s first female president. Also, I’m talking about elections in any countries- just say which one. Hope that clears things up!


If I would be old enough to vote and live in the USA then I would probably vote for Deez Nuts


Honestly, none of the candidates have really stood out to me. I might conveniently go on a research trip to South Africa election week.


@P0RT3R, and they would do far better than any candidate currently running, I’m sure.

If everyone would vote “Doctor”, that would be great. I’m not completely insane, and I sometimes have good ideas.


Honestly I say Bernie Sanders. He’s the only one competent who has also stood by his beliefs since he started out. Everyone else (And I mean everyone else running) either flip flops depending on what the people want to hear, or is not fit to lead the country.


Forget the feminists, Wall Street probably wants Hillary elected too.


While I’m not old enough to vote, I’d probably vote for Danilo Medina. Sure, he hasn’t helped the country as much as Leonel Fernandez but he sure is better than Hipolito Mejia.


Ah, the Dominican Republic, a country I know next to nothing about, I’m afraid, except that Papa Doc used to be your neighbour.


Aye! The only place on the world where fried donkey meat is a thing!


Bernie Sanders for President, he’s a traditional liberal. Also I can never for the life of me back any of those GOP candidates, every time I listen to them speak I feel my brain cells commit mass suicide.


Bernie of course. Who else? #FeelTheBern. :wink:


I’m not eligible to vote until the election after this one. But I would not vote Trump and Hilary since I don’t agree with their views but if you do actually respect them please feel free to vote for them. I personally would like Bernie in (so do most of my friends listen to the younger generation we have good ideas…sometimes)


I can’t quite vote yet, but I’d be glad to support Ted Cruz, I won’t go too much into detail why because I’d end up both off topic and fighting with somebody, but put simply he’s the only candidate that I actually trust will bring our country to a better spot than where it is now.


Bernie Sanders because he’s a socialist liberal, which would mean less animal cruelty and environmental destruction and not as much ridiculous conservative bullshit.


Bernie, only competent person that’s actually polling well. I wish we could find a really good moderate candidate though, I love Bernie but I don’t agree with liberal tax policy. ><


First election and my vote will be going to Bernie Sanders. I agree with his stances on pretty much all the issues: LGBT civil rights, support of women’s reproductive healthcare, environmental conservation, etc.