Eldritch Tales: Inheritance [Cosmic Horror | Haunted House | Romance] [WIP]

It occurs to one: are we sure Blackthorn is dead? Have we seen the corpse? Have we poked it? Because it also occurs to one that one might be dealing with a 13 Ghosts (remake) situation. I don’t even like the NORMAL zodiac, let alone the Black one.


There seems to be an issue even after the most recent update where if you choose both a custom first and last name, the last name will overwrite the first name and the last name will be set as “determined”

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@FlipaCoin I think it should be okay now. Do tell me if it’s not. There was still a small issue in the variables. Thanks for pointing it out! :blush:

Yes, looks like its fixed now! Thank you and glad i could help. Really enjoying the game so far

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PROGRESS UPDATE | June 24, 2024

Hi guys! There is no update yet, but I figured I could at least tell you how things are going. I know I haven’t added anything new to the demo in over a week, and the reason for that is mostly real-life chaos. Things have been pretty hectic lately (nothing too bad), but I’m positive I’ll be back to my regular writing schedule starting today.

I’ve been working on Chapter 2, but the story hasn’t really moved too far: that’s why I can’t add anything today. I will update the demo once I feel like there’s at least something new for you to experience. It won’t take too long. Perhaps till the end of this week or after the weekend? :blush:


CONTENT UPDATE | July 6, 2024

The first portion of Chapter 2 is here, and here’s what it adds to the game.

  • The update includes the first portion of Chapter 2, which is about 11.600 words, excluding code. It’s more like a setup for what will happen in the chapter.
  • Some highlights: first proper flirtatious moments for all the characters. Typically, you’ll have full freedom in choosing who you want to spend time with, but this time, the person who visits you will be the same person you chose to have a room next to. (It just makes sense in the context of the scene.)
  • Some highlights: A cozy food moment.
  • Some highlights: Introduction to background-related scenes that will come in the next patch.
  • I also fixed more typos.

Yeeeeeaaaaah, just in time for my no-longer-subjected-to-shitty-internet day!

Note for everyone: start a new playthrough. Dash sent me back to the start of chapter 1, as expected, but it did NOT reset my stats to initial levels, so I was starting with like 15% sanity. :smile:

A couple of things

You got two "pouring"s here in close succession. It’s not a problem per se, but I thought I might note it anyway in case you preferred to replace one with a different verb:

Continuity hiccup: I roomed next to Julia, so we’ve already seen each other this morning. Therefore this bit here is off for people who have the same rooming arrangement.

Nope. Were you (haha) waffling between “scan the shelves” and “get to work” and your brain whynotboth.jpg’d you? :smile:

“one day”, actually. We arrived at nightfall yesterday, and this is early morning.

Awwww, end already. :(((((((( But I want my ancient Egyptian artifacts! How else will I inadvertently summon Nyarlathotep in his Mask of the Black Pharaoh without ancient Egyptian artifacts? :((((((


Wow, @Dariel, what a man of timing you are.

I come back to the Forum after a little life-imposed hiatus, and my first post back is congratulating @Nerull and @MahatmaDagon on their recent release, Unsupervised. I found myself feeling nostalgic for their Lovecraftian horror title, Highlands, Deep Waters, one of my favorite IF games ever, and made another post calling it the greatest horror CoG/HG by far.

However, starting what must be my 500th playthrough of that game lead to me wanting a new Lovecraftian CoG/HG. There still arent enough, in my opinion.

You know how much I enjoyed your own lovely Egyptian eldritch horror piece, and so I was doubly delighted to see this pop up in the feed. As always, I’m late to the party, but enthusiastic nonetheless.

I’m gonna be brutally honest, I think you have a certain knack for horror that you have yet to fully tap into. So when I see the warnings on this game that it will lack any kind of gore, body horror, and such, I was a bit disappointed. I know those things aren’t your usual styles, but they are staples of the cosmic and Lovecraftian horror subgenres, and so I ask myself just how far are you going to go in this game, and are you interested in telling just as creepy and hopeless a story as your previous attempt, or is this a much more casual and tame experience?

I played the demo and must say, your writing has definitely improved. You have always been a good writer, my old friend. But it was obvious over our history together that you’ve been trying to find your style over multiple projects. I remember feeling a little guilty when you dropped your first big fantasy project (I was PurpleDragonWrangler), but knew you just needed time to come to terms with your own abilities. I wanted to support you more on your teahouse project which seemed like a spinoff of sorts of the previous project, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

So, seeing this, I was glad to see you kind of return to your roots. I have to say, I very much enjoy the demo so far, and you start sewing the seeds of dread immediately in this story. The characters are immediately well-defined, and you have come a long way in setting up the story better, a complaint I know I had with The Hidden Sanctum.

Luna has got to be my favorite character so far. I’m a sucker for wholesome characters, so I can’t wait to try (and fail) to keep her away from the horrors that await.

That begs the question again, though. How much teeth will this story have with its scares? Will it have the true stakes of the genre and deal with death and possible insanity, or is this more of an innocent mystery game with Lovecraftian elements?

I feel I must disclaim for other users that I’m well aware a horror game does not need certain features or tropes to be successful, but I do wish to adjust my expectations accordingly.

Either way, I am very interested in this project, and will be watching this thread, curiosity piqued.


@JBento Thank you for your wonderful feedback! :blush: And yeah, some of those mistakes are there because I have yet to do a proper edit. I will do one once I finish the chapter. And I know it’s a small update. I’m grateful you played through it!

@Lucha_Markre Hi there, welcome back! :yellow_heart:

It’s not going to be casual. You can both die and lose your sanity, and the same goes for all the NPCs. There will be scary things–such as those moments in Chapter 1–but the focus will be more on the fear of the unknown and on the overarching sense of existential dread than on the things you can simply see and describe.

I totally see your argument, but for me, cosmic horror is more about what you can’t describe than what you can. I would say the level of visual horror shouldn’t be higher than what I wrote in Temple of Endless Night. I don’t think there will be gore, but it will definitely not be a laid-back, casual, tame experience. I’m going for a total opposite to my previous game (Everbloom). There, the stakes were pretty much irrelevant. Here, they are very high.

It was by no means your fault, I assure you! :blush: It was just something I had to do. I will be writing a new version of Elder Crystals after this project. I’m currently revising the universe and the plot. I made a post about it on Tumblr if you’re interested.

In summary, there will be high stakes. Everyone can die, including the MC (there’s already one potential MC death in Chapter 1…). Everyone can go mad, including the MC. The MC health and sanity meters are in the stats window, and NPC sanity meters are hidden. I am also considering different ending variants based on the backgrounds on top of the vanilla endings.

I hope that answers your questions. It’s great to see you back! :blush: