Eldritch Tales: Inheritance [Cosmic Horror | Haunted House | Romance] [WIP]

Eldritch Tales: Inheritance is a cosmic horror game with elements of romance, set in a Gothic manor. You and your high school friends are reunited after five years by a mysterious letter, and through this letter, you inherit an old Gothic manor and a substantial fortune.

There is only one condition: you must live in the manor together.

As you arrive at Blackthorn Manor, strange, unsettling events begin to unfold. Shadows move on their own, nights are unnaturally dark, and the atmosphere grows increasingly tense. The manor is full of secrets, and the more you learn, the less you seem to understand.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
  • Customize your appearance, personality, and sexuality.
  • Romance or befriend a wealthy and carefree playboy, a no-nonsense scientist, a disciplined and protective ex-soldier, or a sweet and free-spirited artist.
  • Manage your relationships, or face unforeseen consequences.
  • Pay attention to your sanity and health, or…don’t.
  • Search for clues, solve puzzles, and learn the truth behind your inheritance.
  • Discover hidden rooms, secret passages, and eldritch artifacts.
  • Confront moral dilemmas, and be careful as they may have far-reaching consequences.
  • Face randomized events that will keep each playthrough unique.
  • Experience multiple endings based on your choices and actions.

What darkness does Blackthorn Manor conceal, and how will it affect your fate? Can you uncover the truth and survive, or will the manor’s sinister influence consume you all?

  • Personality: Tyler exudes a confident, carefree spirit that’s both alluring and slightly unnerving. He enjoys the present and isn’t too concerned with the future.
  • Background: Born into wealth, Tyler has always enjoyed privilege and opulence. While his party-going ways have quieted recently, he still often boasts about his family’s status.
  • Physical description: Tyler is tall and lean with an athletic build. He has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a preppy yet sophisticated style. He is fond of loafers and owns over two hundred pairs.
  • Smell: Tyler’s scent is a blend of citrus and musk.
  • Personality: Caleb is disciplined and protective, with a dry sense of humor shaped by his military background. Despite his rugged exterior, he dreams of a peaceful life.
  • Background: A former soldier, Caleb has spent the last couple of years doing different security jobs. His protective nature extends to his younger sister Julia, with whom he shares a close bond.
  • Physical description: Caleb is tall and muscular with a rugged appearance. He has a dark brown undercut, deep brown eyes, and perpetual stubble. His style is casual and rugged.
  • Smell: Caleb smells of cedarwood, with hints of amber.
  • Personality: Julia is a no-nonsense individual who values efficiency and clarity. Her methodical approach to problems contrasts with her puzzlement at overly emotional responses.
  • Background: Julia has a deep passion for science, excelling in engineering and physics. Her cross-disciplinary focus defines her academic and professional journey.
  • Physical description: Julia is of medium height with a lean physique. She has neck-long black hair, deep brown eyes, and wears stylish glasses. Her style is Parisian chic.
  • Smell: Julia smells of lavender, with hints of paper and ink.
  • Personality: Luna is a free spirit, and her vibrant personality is reflected in her artwork. Her infectious optimism and innocent humor reveal a soul untouched by cynicism.
  • Background: An eclectic artist, Luna finds solace in her paintbrush and palette. She embraces all sorts of spirituality and has a deep love for crystals.
  • Physical description: Luna is petite and has an ethereal presence. She has long platinum-blonde hair with pink highlights, and green eyes, and loves the bohemian style.
  • Smell: Luna smells of patchouli and sandalwood, with floral notes reminiscent of wildflowers.



Overall: 31.200.


Chapter 1 – 100% done.
Chapter 2 – to be done.
Chapter 3 – to be done.
Chapter 4 – to be done.
Chapter 5 – to be done.
Chapter 6 – to be done.
Chapter 7 – to be done.


Feel free to leave comments with questions, ideas, and any possible errors (including grammar and punctuation) or bugs you might have encountered.

And if you just want to say something about the game or the characters, that’s fine too! It doesn’t always have to be specific feedback. :blush:


June 7, 2024

  • Demo release (ca. 31.200 words, excluding code).

June 12, 2024

  • This update is more like a patch:
  • In the patch: Added a new answer in which you can side with Julia when Tyler asks if you think the manor is haunted. For context, this choice is mostly for the stats: the new choice will give you +5 to all four abilities, while the other four give +20 to one ability.
  • In the patch: Added 2 new hair combinations.
  • In the patch: Corrected some “curiosity” issues with Tyler.
  • In the patch: Corrected issues pointed out by JBento.


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Before someone writes the first comment, I’d like to start two polls that will remain open until the game is finished. Please, vote if you feel like it! :blush:

Who is your favorite character?
  • Tyler
  • Caleb
  • Julia
  • Luna
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What happened on your way to the manor?
  • Deer
  • Tree
  • Fog
  • Car
  • Radio
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I played through twice quickly. I have no major feedback items so far.

When picking a last name, the game warns you not to pick certain options from a list, maybe you could only show that if the player opts to type in a last name themselves?

If the house has no electricity, how does the kettle work?

Waiting for the next update!


@KeiyarlaDraga You’re right, there was an issue when you picked a custom last name. It should be fixed now. Thank you! :yellow_heart:

Yes, and I’m really grateful! Thanks again! :blush:

Sorry, clicked replied to soon and clicked the wrong button. Anyways when I go and choose a custom last name, my first name becomes determined. I went back to see if it would happened with one of the last names we can choose if we don’t want to come up with one, and it doesn’t happen. I just wanted to tell you when it was fresh in my mind, before I read the demo.

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Well that was fun. Is it strange if the first thing I thought, when reading the description, was I hope the scientist gets to feed me to and Eldritch horror!

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I really like this. I do love a good mystery and supernatural elements just make it all the better.

I’m already on edge looking for clues, so much so that on my first read I was suspicious of Caleb only due to the fact his surname was the only one omitted in the letter and I forgot he was Julia’s brother, so of course my mind went straight to him being a sinister relation of the house’s previous owner luring us all to our deaths :laughing:

My second read was a little less accusatory after I realised my mistake. Looking forward to playing the other variations of the choices now.

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Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :yellow_heart:

Yeah, I’m still not sure if it’s clear from the letter. Maybe I messed up the sentence a little…But I’m so, so glad to hear that you liked the demo! :blush:

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I didn’t read the RO description before starting the demo as I wanted to be surprised, so that could have been why it wasn’t obvious to me. Or it might have just been me being a bit too keen to be suspicious of everyone that I just jumped on his lack of a surname as a clue rather than read it properly.

But hey, the fact I’m even that suspicious at the beginning means I’m already invested in this story, so it’s a good sign.

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Heyeyyy!! Firstly, you’re on a roll with these games!! It’s honestly amazing.

Also, Would you be open to thinking about adding a better balance in hair, if that’s possible??

For example, you have Long straight hair, but then have only a short option for curly, then everything else is just hairstyles. I’m gonna choose a top knot but I was hoping for Long Curly hair.


EEEEEE :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: one of my fav authors is back! Im so excited!!!

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A house haunted by Yog-Sothothery? Fhtagn, R’lyeh!

Click me!

I take it this is the bit that had people confused about surnames? I think the two "and"s are enough, but if you want to further proof the situation, you can put the Mitchells first on the list.

This isn’t suspicious AT ALL, nosirree! Doors that can’t be opened by the masterkey are totally kosher all the time, oh yes.

This is not how you spell Massachusetts. But that’s ok, nobody knows how it’s actually spelled, I had to look it up TWICE just to write this comment.

This is going to be a Cabin in the Woods thing, isn’t it? -.-

So, Luna’s gonna be a problem, I see.

So, I went back to beginning to make sure, and this money is mentioned nowhere in the letter (or anywhere else before now). Is the mansion worth $500M, is that what this means? Or is this additional money?


Tyler’s a bit of a shit, isn’t he?


Ok, so, I realise this choice is for stat-bump purposes, but it’s still weird that there aren’t options to side with Julia in this argument.

“open” Also, time to start taking Sanity hits, I guess.

I’m always up for some Yog-Sothothery/Evil Dead/haunted mansion/Cabin in the Woods shenanigans, and this one is no exception. :slight_smile:

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@Shenice_L Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my games. I’ll make sure to add more hair options in the next update. It shouldn’t take too long! :blush:

@Kitty_Gaige Aww, thank you! Hope you enjoy the story. :yellow_heart:

@JBento Thank you for catching some issues. I’ll be sure to fix them for the next update. Well, probably for the next mini-update! And I hope you enjoy the story as it progresses! :upside_down_face:


Hoping for a bit more teeth!


Personally, I’d just like some Meat-Yums.

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I love it, I love the creepiness and the certain feeling of being watch as I read certain sentences. I hope there’s gonna lots of scary, spooky things :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Oooh what a neat premise! ☆ The way you describe the setting is very cool and creepy, nice job!

I have noticed that some.of the adjectives are being repeated over and over…specifically, I am not even half way through Chapter 1 and Tyler has “looked at MC curiously” or “looked at MC with curiousity” etc 3 times over the course of only a few pages. Maybe its just a pet peeve of mine, but by the third time I was like I GET IT, HE IS CURIOUS!!! Hahaha does that make sense? It’s a nitpick, because otherwise the writing is super strong…I can take screenshots if you’d like an example of the redundancy.

Other than that, what a fantastic concept - can’t wait to read more! :heart:


These scenes are all.close to eachother (2 of them are consecutive pages)


@Otaku_Mode Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^^

@Jender Thank you sooo much for the screenshots and for pointing it out. It’s much more difficult to find these things in your own writing, and I can tell they would have bothered me as a reader as well. I’ll fix them in the next mini-update! :blush:


SMALL PATCH | June 12, 2024

  • This update is more like a patch:
  • In the patch: Added a new answer in which you can side with Julia when Tyler asks if you think the manor is haunted. For context, this choice is mostly for the stats: the new choice will give you +5 to all four abilities, while the other four give +20 to one ability.
  • In the patch: Added 2 new hair combinations. [Edit: Now they should also say the correct thing in the stats menu. Sorry for the confusion! :sweat_smile:]
  • In the patch: Corrected some “curiosity” issues with Tyler.
  • In the patch: Corrected issues pointed out by JBento.