Elderscrolls role play


Just felt like it all is exceptible within plains of elderscrolls universe/ to help prepare for actual multiplayer starting point is whiterun I first one to post after midnight gets to be a yarl second to post gets to be there house carl I choose where you rule let’s have fun






Yo post tomorrow to win a chance to be yarl


I’m up 17 hours a day. I’ll WIN!


[…] <):slight_smile: :-<


Sory ~O) o-+


(%) 8-X :(|) (%) =P~ :* :confused: :X


i will do it but i don’t want to be jarl


Guys, come on, enough with the spam threads.


I choose to be a normal adventurer :slight_smile:


Same hete. Wandering criminal.




Ok I’m gonna change that a little first place gets to be a jarl second place the jarls house carl third place a golden shadowmere fourth place a bow with eagle vision magic and fith place gets a piece of unbreakable lint you can win more then once but not twice in a row


P.s. Contest starts in 5 4 3 2 1
30 minutes lol


I think I’ll just forget the prizes, can I just be a normal adventurer?


Sure put (name here) the normal adventure


Zepheris the Crime Lord


U might wanna put what race you are


Frost the normal adventurer
Name: Frost
Gender: Male
Race: Snow Elf (No, not the falmer)
The last snow elf in existence, he ran from the ones who betrayed his kind, and watched in the shadows as his kind was slowly mutated. Practicing ice magic and minor conjuration, he swears revenge for his lost people.