Elders Scrolls 6 Locations?


Where do you guys think Elders Scrolls 6 will be held?
Are you excited? or not?


Well we’re like 4 years ago next one. But probably Altmeri domain territory Valderfell, Summerset island or Elsweyr. But dunno, there were rumors about Argonia aka Blackmarsh. I personally have zero interest in Blackmarsh and the sapient trees.


I’m really hoping for either Elsweyr or Summerset Isle. There’s so little known about them. Plus, Khajiit!


As long as it’s not another MMO, it can be set wherever it pleases.


It would be awesome to be set in blackmarsh. That’s what I’m hoping for. Of course, anywhere with as few talking cats as possible is good enough for me. I learned long ago never to trust a cat.


Valenwood would be a really cool place I think, plus Wood Elves are my favorite race.


I agree with you lol cough ESO cough


GIven what I know about Bethesda, I’m pretty sure that Summerset Isle is a lock for the next one, just because they can’t help but foreshadow. Within a week of owning Fallout 3 (I bought on launch day because I have no impulse control…) I had figured out that the next one would take place in Boston because of a quest called The Replicated Man that took great pains to describe both Boston and The Institute, a Falloutized version of MIT.

Likewise, in Skyrim they talk an awful lot about the other provinces, but the focus outside of the main quest is the Thalmor and the Elves doing their business. As they’ve already had a game in Hammerfell, and another in Cyrodiil, the only real contender is Summerset Isle, because nobody mentions Elsweyr except as a kind of backwater where not much happens.


The content of akivir which we know extremely little about


Summerset Isle seems the most likely, with the thalmor vs imperial plot and whatnot. Skyrim also foreshadowed when both sides pretty much admitted they were gearing up for war, with the imperials likely to attack first.


i have read about the idea of argonia being the 6th TES game on the bethesda forums, im hoping they are just tossing ideas around and not really planning to go with it, the summerset isle seems like a better choice with the above statements from you guys, i agree that it makes better sense to show the Altmeri side of the war and what they feel and believe about the other races and about talos worship.


Have you guys heard about the recent news of ES6 coming out in 2019?


that would be messed up, there will be to much time between games if it come out on that year, im hoping it will come out in 2017, having to wait until 2019 would be an outrage.


Not If it means they finally bring quests and dialogue up to the standards of the rest of their Elder Scrolls world, it wouldn’t be. Especially if it will be moddable again. Besides if the next game won’t come until 2019 maybe at least one or two of the large projects over at “Beyond Skyrim” can get finished.

As for location, Summerset Isles, or maybe Elsweyr, pretty please.