Elders of Choice of Games views on how things are going


Hey guys, i just wanted to see what us Elders on the forum think of how far Choice of Games has gone in the past few years.
By elders i mean anyone who was around between 2011-2012 AKA the first year of the forums. i personally came into the picture in 2012 and i wish to hear from my fellow “Oldies” how they think its been progressing, Better, Worse, Amazing, etc… my opinion on this: CoG has improved vastly in its fame and has become ever more popular amongst the gaming community and will increase in this regard ever steadily in the foreseeable future!


I couldn’t agree more, @WiReDcHiMpAnZeE. I joined the forum in April 2011 when there were just a few CoG / hosted games available. Since then, the release dates have become steadily quicker and the forum has become immensely more popular. Throughout, the greatest thing has been the forum users: Most forums descend into foul and abusive language, but that rarely happens here, if at all. Our users have always remained helpful and respectful of others. This is truly a place to showcase your ideas, improve your writing skills and enjoy good debate!


I have been here since August 2012 and I have seen a lot of people come and go, a lot of fun threads made and get deleted or closed and a lot of WIP’s being created and left to die but there have been a lot of good new games and interesting things for everyone!


I’ve been on since july of 2012. Was that really the first year?


I’m sooo glad the forums are here. It’s gained many amazing members, and helped a ton of authors release awesome HGs


I lurked until June of 2011. Even back then I could see the potential and was very excited to join the forum. I have to say I offten fade on a new subject and move on to something new. Yet I am still here, and still very excited with CoG. :smiley:


I’ve noticed that releases (both official and hosted ones) are getting more and more frequent, which can’t be a bad thing :smiley:
I really like this forum because, as previously mentioned, people don’t use bad language excessively, and they try to be kind and respectful.

Also, been here since May 2012, but it doesn’t feel like 2 years since I joined!


Ok… bad language commencing… bad word… work… um… another bad word… work… another bad word… is working again… Oh no… I said work 3 times… here comes the Workaholic now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not old, I am relatively new, been reading the forums since middle of last year (2013). I have noticed the positives here on many occasions and rarely a bad one. I noticed there are more now than what was back middle of last year. Sorry I am posting when I am not considered an “oldie”. :slight_smile:


The CoG forums are the best. I find my fellow CoGers helpful and interesting. I just wish this was around when I was starting to write. Instead I’ve got a bunch of bad writing habits I am trying to break lol


As one of the Ancient Ones from back in the time of 2011, I think we’ve become a good forum for the development of Choicescript games and a generally-productive brain bank; we have a lot of well-educated and geeky people to help add little details of verisimilitude, especially when a story gets into military or historical detail (Sabres of Infinity). I also fondly remember how the Seven Winds thread got into a lengthy discussion of theology, and how the Bible and related literature underpinned the assumptions of the game.

One negative, however, is that this forum software is starting to seriously show its age and clunkiness. We have a very limited spam filter (consisting of the mod staff), we just got hacked, the private mailbox is a pain in the arse (according to @jasonstevanhill; I don’t use it often enough to find it problematic), and the fact that everything shows up in one unassorted list unless we specifically click on a category is mildly annoying. It may be time to migrate to a more robust forum software (such as PHPBB, for example).


Can’t remember when I joined. Two years ago, or an year ago. Errrr… Well, I’m up somewhere on that Unnatural thread.

A lot of people have joined, a lot of interesting people, who I’m happy to be acquainted with. But, that hack though, shows that you need to improve security here. But, hey, everything turned out well, and what could the hacker possibly do?


I was here in 2012, and while I am certainly not an ‘elder’ (By you Americans I am a ‘minor’ is it?) I certainly feel like i’ve grown to the forums, as it is one of the few forums ever to be a place where everyone’s opinions are valued, whenever a lurker comes out and announces themselves we don’t go “Karma-hoarding faggot go away”, we welcome them with open arms because, hey we were all lurkers once too. (Minus Dan and other programmers, they’re the forum gods and what-not)

Also, you all are one of the most peculiar and most interesting people I’ve ever met, so you know, stay brilliant!

As for how the times have changed, while I LOVE the new content such as Slammed! and other works such as Unnatural and Tin Star coming out, when I remember them being WIPs, my heart heaves a special sigh for those games which were so close to being finished but didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel (Blood For Poppies is just one example). I also miss old forum members which have disappeared from the forums, like @PaleStrider , he was the reason I took up drawing and now am an A-A* art student because he just inspired me to. The famous Talon aswell , gone along with his amazing humour, and lots of old pals whom have made me love this forum.

While I do enjoy the forum still, even after (Woah TWO YEARS?!) of being here, I just miss the 2012 days ya know?

Anyways, as for the hacking thing, I kinda missed that - So what’s that all about? Wolfie told me about it but I want to know juicy details


I’ve been around since the end of June, 2012 on the forums. When I joined, I made a topic of my WIP game, and it was the 100th topic (a.k.a. the 100th WIP game on the forums)…Now, there are 450+ topics in that section, which shows just how many new game concepts/ideas for CS have appeared, and some of them are promising. And the user database has extended from what I see; that can’t be bad. This forum’s was great place for minds set on interactive fiction, and in my opinion it still stays true to its purpose.


I remember our Cloning experiment on Jason while he was away, we came SOOOOO close, with the Jasonstevanhillclone, but then Jason came back and banned the continuation of Project Jaasonstevanhill.


Damn, I don’t get to be an Elder! Now because of this, I’ll have to travel time again, and do you know how sore that makes my exoskeleton?


The cloning project, that was fun


I am so happy to have found this site, thinking I was one of very few that enjoyed this style of gaming. I haven’t been here long, though, but I am glad to see more games, even if not all may be for me – but I am sure someone enjoys them. The more the merrier, right? :smiley:


I have been around since pretty much the begining but i became much more active in the forums recently. I looked ad a few posts once in a while but now its an importent part of my day to take a quick look at the forum.


I also remember the dot assassin war


Dot assassin war? Mara won that war with poison?