2013 has lots of great new games coming out. And out of the lot I seem to find myself always excited whenever someone mentions ‘Elderscrolls Online’ So what do you all think of it?


As I’ve played skyrim, I would say it would be a brilliant future game, a pity it’s on PC


My pathetic laptop can’t run it. And my brother won’t let me on his computer…


For me, I’m more a Xbox guy


I don’t buy it even if have pc is not from Bethesda the creators of all elder scrolls is guild wars clone so no for me


Sold out.

It’ll go the way of TOR, I seriously don’t see the point in going for the online market its not going to work and I think they’re losing their usp. Elder Scrolls is very player-centric, like some journalist note, putting it online kills that.


Elder Scrolls series has been on the decline recently, in my opinion. Oblivion was awful. Skyrim was a little better than awful. The odds of me playing elder scrolls online? I’d rather poke myself in the eyes.


I played most of the elderscroll games and playing online is something I would not like becouse I loved the fact that I had to think though the battles but now I have to deal with others


I’m not looking forward to it because I’ve always liked what’s unique about the Elder Scrolls series and cramming it into an mmo is the last thing I want because inevitably most mmos seem the same. So it seems like stripping down, diving into the WoW/Guild Wars pool and then expecting me to pay a monthly subscription for something only vaguely Elder Scrolls.

Or who knows, it could be a genuinely good game and I just don’t like mmos. I’ll judge it when I see it but I’m not exactly going to be searching hard.


Zenimax is Bethesda’s father company, which specializes in mmos. So technically it will be made by Bethesda.

But anyways, overall I love the Elder Scrolls games and I don’t really see how they could botch this, I will definitely go for it once it’s out. Considering I’m a mmo fan and a big PC gamer.


Elder Scrolls online will not be that much different than Oblivion or Skyrim. The majority of the quests are collecting fetch 'em quests where you feel like a Fed ex guy. Make it so leveling up doesn’t really mean or do anything. It isn’t hard to throw in the epic beyond reason storylines/questlines that it becomes ridiculous. Throw in some BS chosen one main storyline and you got yourself another Elder Scrolls game! Oh yeah, the huge beautiful world that feels empty and artificial is not hard to replicate either.


@GameOver I would have to agree with you on Skyrim with feeling your like your a postal company but in Oblivion the only time I really can think of the player actually being a Bitch for the npc is the main quest when you deliver the amulet of kings so some how I highly doubt you actually gave Oblivion any time at all!. but skyrim yeah your like A UPS worker deliver wine here or bring my letter there Oblivion has hardly any of those filler quests but skyrim yeah is a game when Bethesda got lazy but you forget that skyrim is a close-line game that they made because they had a list of shit they wished they did in oblivion. but I would have to side with you about the main quest and if you actually did some exploring you would know it is not so empty by the way arena is a elder scroll game where your guy is not some chosen one hero your just some guy


On the other hand, Oblivion made the player take a backseat in the main plot. Essentially you do all the work, and then someone else gets all the credit for it. This is especially ludicrous considering how powerful your character can become. They’re already the stuff of legends by the time most people complete the main quest.


You got your stuff backwards, in my opinion. Oblivion was terrible. Downright awful. Skyrim is an upgrade. I beat both games for the sake of beating that crap Bethestards call an rpg. The world is not literally empty yet that is one of the few words I would use to describe it. I did a lot of exploring, which was painful enough for me LARPing by myself through the “amazing” game world. Almost every area I visited felt like it was functionally the same as the next. A place with cookie cut inhabitants and loot that reflects whatever level you are. Dungeons respawned a few days of in game time after they are cleared, which made the initial odd development of the game world even more odd. If you could remember dungeons that spawned armor, wait a few in game days and go revisit it to upgrade your armor when you move up a few levels. The world that you claim is not empty is lifeless. Every place should tell a story, this game…doesn’t. Everything in the game world exists for the player’s benefit. Find some bandits in a cave? That exists as a killing field for the player. A sword in a stone? That is a sword appropriate to the players level. Dialogue between and with NPCs read like a tool tip on Microsoft Word. The only world that exists outside of the player are the in game books.

How about the fact that when you level up, there is no real achievement. Why, you ask? Because the world adjusts to what level you are. A player could be the grand champion of the arena at level 2. That is awful game design. Don’t even get me started on the combat system, the AI, the guild system, or the plot and all of its shortcomings. This game is built for the casual, and I stress casual, rpg gamer. I do not consider myself that. This is a BAD rpg game, worse than Skyrim but not by much.

For the record, I believe the decline from Morrowind to Oblivion is not as large of a drop in comparison to the decline from Arena to Daggerfall. Arena is, in my opinion, the best Elder Scrolls game made. I was simply pointing out some obvious flaws from their more recent product offerings.


I agree the elder scroll arena is probably the best of the seven (battle spire and redguard included) but I did not mean the format to Oblivion I should have said I liked the questing more due to there was no b.s misc quests to redo over and over again but I should have also added that some of my opinion might have been altered due to my never really playing the normal version I waited for the game of the year before I even got around to playing the game! but the reason I don’t like Skyrim nearly as much as the other elder scrolls games is that they made only like ten guild quests on average then make you do misc shit that I never really get around to doing till I reach level eighty one in the first place I find that every new game they make most of the time really remodels from the last! I say they should have waited longer at least the 720 is out the play station has at least said they are going to change platforms the computer is always ready! then if they took more time in development then trying to sell more games and I think that it should have been another story line due to being “Dragonborn” is not that great the shouts are really pointless that in never used in actual game play. on a side note though who thinks that there should be more lycans like in Daggerfall with more options to become by the @GameOver if you think that the elder scrolls are so shitty you must have played some godly rpgs what would you recommend.


The thing about Elder Scrolls recent offerings is that they contain a bucket list of features but nothing done exceptionally well. What you get is a giant list of features implemented like shit.

I will make a good list of some of my favorite rpgs I have played and beat:

Fallout 1, 2, & New Vegas (Surprised by this)
Deus Ex
Wizardry Series
Might and Magic Series
Ultima Series
Betrayal at Krondor
Planescape: Torment
Realms of Arkania 1, 2, & 3
Knights of the Chalice (Another pleasant surprise)
Goldbox Series Games
Jagged Alliance 2
Baldurs Gate 2 (Then Bioware went ape-shit crazy because fans enjoyed the writing even though the story was unimpressive and now you have a dating simulation rpg developer)

Honorable Mentions: Wasteland, Dungeon Master, Vampire - Bloodlines, Wizards Crown.

That took me longer than I thought it would. I am interested in rpgs you have found enjoyable.


Jagged Alliance 2? I could not figure out that game to save my life.


I have the same problem with the Elder Scrolls series. Agree with most of GameOver’s list except for the ones I never played (JA2, Arcanum, Chalice - I’ll look out for them now :slight_smile: ).

For myself, I’d call Mass Effect (first one) a good RPG…


@GameOver, dating Sims with RPG elements deserve their place in the sun as well, if you ask me and while they have, to date, never quite equaled Baldur’s Gate 2 (Though the first Mass Effect came really close and might have done it for me, if they hadn’t chickened out on the m/m romance. Jade Empire with better combat and a slightly larger game world could also have potentially done it), Bioware was basically doing fine until they literally sold out.

I could never complete Arcanum though, the world just looked so sterile and from what I recall game play also wasn’t anything special compared to Baldur’s Gate or even Icewind Dale.

Other than that I mostly agree with you, Betrayal at Krondor and the first Jagged Alliance game in particular are what turned me into an avid player (read addict) of video games in the first place.

Back on topic, it seems that given the steady decline in quality since Morrowind (not counting the many, many awesome mods here since they are what saved Oblivion for me and they may even safe Skyrim, though that will be a tough call indeed) making an MMO (which given its nature can’t be saved trough the efforts of modders) is the final step towards the end of the franchise as I’ve known and enjoyed, at times even loved, it.
This MMO will herald a bright new age of ACTION!! and twitch gaming for the franchise, also known as consolization as well as the most likely time for me to bid this franchise farewell.


Never knew multiplayer games were that popular!