Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim Roleplay


Welcome to the Skyrim Roleplay, I decided to make this for it seems lots of people on this forum like Skyrim, so if you’re participating, here’s how to make your character:

Name: (i.e. First, “Nickname (if has one)” Last)
Race: (i.e. Nord, Nord-Vampire, Nord-Werewolf, etc. NO Vampire Lords or Daedras)
Special Ability: (Hidden Talent)
Side: (Grey-Mane, Battle-Born, or neither)
Profession: (i.e. Companion, Dark Brotherhood, etc.)
Description Of Character:

After I have approved it, start RP’ing!


There is already one but I think it is died .http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/537/elderscrolls-role-play/#Item_284


No it’s not dead you just stop making tributes to you living loving daedric lord


That’s for all the Elder Scrolls, this focuses on Skyrim.


Point made so should we pm our characters and do we go by the traditional stats such as stamina health and magica or what should we add


Do what is said on the first post and post it on this discussion.




It was number five, arena, I, daggerfall, II, morrowind, III, oblivion, IV, Skyrim, V,


Yeah, oblivion was IV, the one with pretty bad graphics


The graphics were alright, I liked Oblivion better than skyrim honestly, felt like the creators cared more about the world and put more thought into it.


I realized the number is wrong, sorry!


What do you mean by Special Ability?


Do you mean like argonians breath under water special ability or laser vision special ability or flight or speed increase or eyes on the back of your head


Name: Kyara
Race: Kajiit
(throwing this in) Gender: Female
Age: 26
Special ability: amazing pick pocket/lock
Side: Niether
Proffession: Thieves guild
Desciption: lion like fur, scrawny, short (for a kajiit)
Backstory: Kyara was born in skyrim as part of a traveling trading caravan, and when she was 10 bandits murdered everyone in the caravan band, but she was quick and stealthy enough to evade them, coming back to the caravan, everything had been taken, so she snuck into the bandit‘s cave as they rested, and stole as much valuables as she could carry, including an amazing amulet, that turned her invisable, which she kept to herself, and at the age of 12 the thieves guild found her, and took her in after a member saw her skillfully taking items from people to sell for food, they taught her as much as they could, and she kept getting better even after training, making her a master at stealing, and stealth, and now she is one of the most reliable members of the thieves guild. (And one of the most expensive too, making her EXTEMELY rich)


( @heromaster I think it’s supposed to be what skills your good at eg one-handed, hand-to-hand ect )


@Person Oh god the irony! It burns!


By Special Ability I mean a skill, and also, put your character’s gender, forgot to say that on the first post.


( @Daisuke am i approved?)


Special Ability:Archery
Profession: BlackSmithing
Description Of Character: Tall Dark Hair Does Not Talk Much
Backstory: I Used To Have Friends In The Imperial Army But They Were Killed By The Storm Cloaks


( @alecnjere ‘special ability’ is a skill, like archery or destuction magic, and you forgot ‘gender’)