Elder Scroll&FONV-5?


Elder Scroll oblivion and Fallout new Vegas has been two of the most revolutionizing games released…Winning many year of the game awards due to there option of total freedom and Choice of the game style, that has limitless boundaries… Anyways to the main point of this discussion… Elder Scrolls:Skyrim has been announced to be coming out soon and also that fallout 5 is in the working!!! Oh yeah! And I just pre ordered Skyrim Today at 6pm…:slight_smile:

So basicly if you like Choice of Games, try these two games I suggested… or watch the trailer and tell me what you think…:wink: (the following two games are for all consoles…Pc MAC Ps3 xbox360)

"Death before Dishonor.#


I love both of these games, in fact they’ve been very helpful for me to see how narrative can be written bearing in mind player choice and also what makes a good opening tutorial. I’ve sort of learnt lessons playing these games for the character creation aspect of my own CS games.

So if you eventually play them and they feel familiar then don’t be suprised!


I don’t waaant vikings. Gosh dangit, I wanted Elsweyr. I wanted the desert, cats, and the biggest city in the Empire, not more snow. We got enough of that in Bloodmoon.

Still, because I’m a total sucker, I’ll probably end up getting it anyway.

(For the record, Morrowind was much more ‘open’ than Oblivion ever was, but the combat blows Dweemer chunks.)


I love the elder scrolls series but I’m a comparative noob at it. I have oblivion, daggerfall and arena, but since I’m not a big pc gamer I’ve not got round to really playing many of them. And I don’t even have morrowind! Skyrim looks amazing though, the previews make it sound like a giant new exciting leap ahead!


Skyrim <3 I loved Oblivion. to no extent. The dragon is what blew me away. I loved mythological creatures, and Dragons are 2nd only to Gryffons.


I loved Oblivion when I first got it and played 40 hours or something but then I just stopped play it and never got back to it. Don’t know why really.

I will probably buy Skyrim when it comes out, it looks really nice so far :slight_smile:


“Gosh dangit, I wanted Elsweyr. I wanted the desert, cats, and the biggest city in the Empire, not more snow. We got enough of that in Bloodmoon.”

Well, in the meantime, there’s a fantastic mod for Oblivion that adds the province of Elsweyr, by Iliana- if you play Oblivion on PC, I highly recommend it.

I am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series, myself, and have been involved in the modding communities for both Morrowind and Oblivion for a long time (hopefully that will continue into Skyrim). I recommend them to anyone looking for an engrossing, self-directed gaming experience. However, despite the openness of the gameworld, and the emphasis on self-determination, the games themselves don’t often offer many chances to make meaningful choices, per se, at least where major plotlines are concerned. But the freedom to choose one’s way in the world- the path of the mage, the fighter, the thief, or nearly any meeting point between these archetypes- and to then explore that gameworld, so filled with lore and even beauty, is rewarding all the same.


Haven’t played FO: New Vegas yet (though did play Fallout 3), but never quite got into Oblivion. (Bought, tried, then returned within a few days). I enjoy the openness of Fallout and the opportunity to explore.

Unrelated to title topic, but I really like Mass Effect 2 as well. (Haven’t played the first). I enjoy being able to tailor the character with personality, and the opportunity to make choices that may not affect overall gameplay, but definitely affect the experience in being able to make bigger decisions that have repercussions. (Especially between the first and second game… while I didn’t get to play the first, I got the interactive comic DLC.)


as much as I love the game, Eira, I did exactly the same as you :smiley:

and also chibz if you like that I’d suggest dragon age, a very good game…

However since this is a choice of games forum I’m suprised nobody’s mentioned this yet…


If you haven’t heard of it then check it out, truly a revolutionary and amazing game. It changed the way I think about games in general, perhaps my favorite game I’ve played in the last five years.


I hated Heavy Rain, it was too hyped up and didn’t deliver the “Different story every time” it was meant to. It delivered slightly (very slightly) different dialogue each time. The killer was always the same, the evidence always the same, the characters always the same. The only thing I noticed that changed was sometimes a character could die and the others would have to carry on without him.


true, although i didn’t actually notice because the story that was there was so good. but i agree, it should have been more dynamic.

although i think the idea was much like choice of games-style games, you have a set story path which never changes, but you get to “personalise” your story through your decisions. maybe? i don’t know. >.>


Yeah I was wanting too much I know, but they made me want too much by talking their game up so much before it was released hehe


They were fun to play and awesome to create characters in, but I’d say Dragon Age Origins beats them with rpg style, you can create a character and have a more indepth past to that character as well. Not to forgot you can have romantic interactions with NPCs and it’s a non-linear based game, so it’s like CoG with your choices affect the game. A great story and action no less, I’d recommend it to anyone.


I found that I couldn’t play Oblivion very seriously, I was one of the people who pre-ordered it and read and watched everything released before the game with excitement but the final product didn’t do what it was told it would, Radiant AI was terrible and there was far more scripting than they said there would be, less random events. The physics were all incredibly slow which was irritating and the combat was far from perfect.

Fallout 3 on the other hand (And New Vegas) were fantastic games, better AI, better physics, better combat, better all round.

Dragon Age is a very good game, the combat is extremely hard though compared to most modern RPG’s even on Normal difficulty requiring a very good grasp of group set up and you might as well forget about programming their AI to do what you want since most of the time you’ll be controlling your whole team anyway. The story is great and the characters are fun to interact with as well. Good game to anyone, very good game if you’re experienced at RPG’s


Dragon Age is one of my favorite games. I found the combat kind of boring (and hard) but I can live with it because the story is great and I love the characters, the lore and the choices you have to make. I don’t want to know how many hours I have spent on the game this past year. So like you have said before, I would recommend it to anyone.


as much as I like the game i couldn’t warm to it technically, the framerate was pants and the smudgy graphics hurt my eyes after a while. everything else was world-class gaming though, loved the way you could change the story, as others have said.

still gotta love elder scrolls though just because of how detailed it is, the amount of the things you can do, and the complete and utter freedom it gives you. the amount of time i’ve spent just roaming around cyrodil on horseback, admiring the views and discovering insane little hamlets should be illegal. one of my all-time best gaming moments this generation, and perhaps ever!


Dragon Age was fun, but when you look back at it after you finish it, you realize the main campaign contains some pretty horribie “fillers” tasteless long dungeon that don’t really serve any purpose.


I’m looking forward to Skyrim, assuming I can spare the time to play it properly. (Recent baby.) Morrowind outclasses Oblivion in most ways that matter, IMO. Somewhere I have the free download of Daggerfall that Bethesda put up, but I haven’t tried it yet with DOSbox…

*Is* Dragon Age really worth it? I liked Baldur’s Gate II and Planescape:Torment, but Bioware games seem kind of hit/miss for me.

In fact–Morrowind and Baldur’s Gate II are the two best yet diametrically opposed heirs to Ultima VI and VII-style worldbuilding and gameplay: discuss. :slight_smile:


Hahaha thanks for sharing people and many thanks again to sharon for getting bk my account!!! :stuck_out_tongue: and I only got 15$ more to pay before I’m done pre ordering Skyrim!!! Yay :slight_smile: duces and cheers peeps!!!


Sharon, and everyone else for that matter, here are some links that let you download both elder scrolls arena and daggerfall for free - both come pre installed with dos box meaning you literally have Two preconfigured games already with no fussing about manually within dosbox!!

Normally you’d have to add scripts to dosbox for the game to run but these have it already done!


that’s the first one, I will post daggerfall seperately ;D