El Tomba a tactical survival game

Greetings to you, dear players, readers, lovers of indie projects, critics and everyone reading this preview.

We are young and very ambitious team of developers. I am writing you on behalf of the whole team and should say that I am not the master of writing kind of brilliant previews as professionals do. So I shall write in the style understandable for myself and hopefully for you.

Charged with enthusiasm and ideas, we have started creating a game. No, it is not a strategy with a bunch of ‘donate’ on square centimeter, or even a puzzle-exploder (referring to Google Play). This game is about some ordinary teenagers, who have found themselves in a world of lost civilizations of Latin America – children who will have to survive in the challenging environment. They will have to explore an unknown world where they are constantly in danger; a world in which you can be both a victim and a hunter; a world where the ancient mysteries are hidden and the history takes on a new look.

The game has been developed for a relatively short time, but already has its own base and is evolving in full swing. We have a clear and thoughtful vision of what we are developing. Yes, it’s not easy, but we are confidently going towards our aim. We are creating a game enjoyable to play. We want to tell an alternative story of the disappearance of South American civilizations, nourished by the mysteries and riddles. We want the players to lead the characters around the whole path and to love them the same we love them. So, let us present the game El Tomba.

Genre. El Tomba has absorbed various genres. No, this is not the mess. We have combined them in a way to fit in with the basic concept of the game, to be in harmony with our mechanics and to give brand new qualities to the gameplay. We are trying to efficiently combine the various aspects of different genres in order to finally get a project which will allow the players with different interests and preferences to play this game. It includes both survival and adventure and puzzle. And all of these are in harmony, which has helped us to create our mechanics.


There are three characters in our game – a girl and two boys (the description of the characters and the information about them can be found on the page of our blog, which is linked to the end of the preview).

We have long thought over and reasoned how to create an excellent comfortable mechanics for the simultaneous interaction of all three characters and come to the conclusion that each of them should have his (or her) own specialization and skills which will help them to overcome certain obstacles or riddles, as well as to interact with each other and to survive together. (Don’t be afraid, you will not need to develop the specialties and skills, as they are initially present in each of them). That’s not all however: one of the characters (it’s a top secret yet) will have an extra branch of mechanics that will appeal to both ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ fans. For sure, it will be very cool, and we are very happy with the result of the work done. We have called all of this – Triple Grain Mechanic.


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This-if it’s not meant to be used as a Choice of Games LLC game-should be under other Other Interactive Fiction.


I want to warn you, the developers of this, not to market recklessly. You can hurt your game’s image by trying to market it on places that don’t quite fit what you’re going for. It sounds like this… Project… Is weighted far more heavily on the ‘interactive’ side than the usual things people on this forum expect.

This was not a particularly good place to mention your game.

I wouldn’t say that. Even if you’re only interested in text games, that doesn’t mean that everyone here exclusively plays text games. Marketing is about reaching a big audience, and since it’s a game and this forum has people who plays games… Wouldn’t have hurt to have a demo or some pictures or something though, I can’t seem to find any. Nor does it seem to say what type of game it is… >.O’

It seems to be extremely early in development. For example, their website mentions that he’s still looking for an artist.