Eight Thrones (Working Title)


I want this game, too! :smiley: Couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you working on it again. ^^


This, this, a hundred times this. Seriously, when you have a character with a fancy name like Lady Shunan Vaerlis, I just want to know how her story ends.
The coat of arms, the talking voice. (Is it only me that’s concerned when protagonists start hearing voices?)
This is an authentic, medieval adventure. I want more.


My vote goes to this game. I’m really excited to see where things go for my MC


This is looking really good, I’m certainly going to be keeping tabs on it. Great work so far.


“a cheap word” instead’a “a cheap sword”
“No, but close too it.” - “No, but close to it.”
Some of them will be following you to their death’s soon enough - Some of them will be following you to their deaths soon enough


this is a really good WIP


Great game mate, loving the story so far( really like the fact your trying to keep it historically accurate to a degree anyway) btw are you going to connect the daemons and the west church?


What happened to this? :frowning: I am still super excited for this.


Don’t say that. You’ll just get the thread locked. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great game. Keep going and don’t listen to the negative comments. Very well written


I like this game alot. its well written


I love this game and keep going back to it whenever a current CoG is disappointing me. Hope you’re busy working on it and can’t wait for an update!


I enjoyed it, you are really talented In writing a more dark realistic feel, out of curiosity, will the be more of a relationship built between the demon and the reader, also will romance be added?


Add me to the list of those who enjoyed the game. I can tell that a few parts still seem to be in development (and there does seem to be a bug in terms of, if you select the sword early on you still seem to have the dagger later), but it is a very good base all the same.


I really enjoyed this, I played while I wasn’t logged in and then I forgot my password…anyways! Love the characters, love the choices, really enjoyed the character creation and the daemon options. Saw a few spelling errors here and there but I understood mostly. Can’t wait to see the romancable characters, can’t wait to see more of the story as well. Good job :smiley:


can’t use the link


The link/last comment is from 2014. As such this WIP would be either on hold or abandoned and should only be revived by the author. And just so you’re aware, the dropbox link in most of the old threads no longer work properly due to a change in their policy.


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