Education in countries


I have been reading on pm a lot about how bad education is right now so I make this hoping people would discuss it . My education in my town is down the toilet , a school in crystal river was absolutely horrid so does anyone else have problems with their education? Or is it just me ?


Our school hired a teacher that swore at us all day in 5th grade


Now in sophmore year we have a teacher that kicks kids out for no reasons, gives detentions for no reason and gives ISS’s for no reason


My old 2 grade teacher got fired because she tortured me with my work and let the others bully me. ha serves her right … she was too old to teach anyway …


90% of our teachers bully me and allow other students to bully me… -.-


We have those teachers at my school his name is Mr T (no joke ) and he screams at us in a 3 pack a day smoker voice and tells us off . And when we don’t understand what he says which no one does he sends us out and writes a referral.

Most of the teachers at my old school were ass holes and they let me get bullied and the first time I finally lost it and stuck a boy with my pencil they gave me a month of oss. The boy didn’t even think I deserved it , they lied and said I stabbed him repeatedly but it wasn’t true he was playing with friends who stuck him more times than me. He laughed when I did it . The school they sent me to was full of delinquents, but they were all stoners and talked smack . I liked the classes , to prevent me from harming the boy further they put me in lecanto middle school . The teachers are much better but kids got more annoying .


A kid on my bus brings his lighter to school and plays with it all day… O.o


America schools arent like i watch in the movies then? Where are the parties the boys and fancy cars?


… those are in your dreams… no school is actually like that


wow, my school is nice lol. Other than the fact that in all of my classes at least one person comes in high.


In my mind, this is how school works:
The more people there are=the more annoying I find people to be
The more annoying I find people to be=the more going to school is like going to Hell…

It doesn’t help that I’m a naturally moody and irritable person, either.
AND there’s a certain someone in my grade who should learn what the phrase “shut up” means…since he never freaking does :-W …


What then are that way in the shows abd movies?. I never been in USA and the image your higschool in media are like in eternal party forever or a hell full of psycos whith guns.


Mara where are you from, because I’m sure it’s very different from you, but it’s no party lol. It’s very boring and usually uneventful. As for the shootings part, there are very few of those, although there was one recently and it was absolutely horrific, it’s not commonplace.


I would say that’s sort of an extreme way to picture American high schools…
There are always the people who are immature and get one everyone’s nerves. There are the gossipy girls (they can get annoying, too). There are the people who can get annoying SOMETIMES, but are funny most of the time…
The most people in my school ever really do is watch trashy TV shows or TV shows about people in singing competitions or they all just go on facebook. Or they meet up with their friends at the mall or skating rink.
…Then again…I have a friend who went to a Catholic school in middle school and they were, uh…O.O let’s just say they were way worse than what my school was like in middle school, so I don’t even want to know what Catholic high schools are like *shudders*
But, yeah, @TIYF is right. American high schools aren’t really much and are usually pretty boring


Im from spain and we dont have your educative sistem ours its s lot of diferent.


Wow, just wikipedia’d spain’s education system. I would hate to have that.


Yes its really bad, but diferent


How so?


Search in wikipedia Roslyn


I read the article, but I don’t see what is wrong with it. Maybe it is just because I skimmed over it, but whats wrong with Spain’s education?