Editing, modding...cheating?

It’s up to the author of a certain book. Some authors do in fact put in cheats(War for the West is an example).

Can I nominate Thanosed as the official new terminology for mod manipulation of posts? It’s pretty…snappy.

A couple games do have their own built-in cheats, like Street Jam. But they’re definitely not the norm. Not sure why; maybe programming difficulty, maybe just because people spending time making a game don’t want to immediately unmake it. Maybe just because people in the know can already make it their way anyhow through stuff like what is listed in this thread. I know for me it was a little of number 1 and a little of number 3.


First of all, great pun. Second, I didn’t know there were built-in cheats in some of these games. Lastly, can you give me a guide to implement cheats? Is it on PC or Android or maybe even IOS hopefully.


Yeah, @Tevin included cheats similar to old-school stuff like WAMPASTOMPA (look it up if you have never heard of Shadows of the Empire’s great contribution to cheat code culture). And I am sorry, but while I know plenty of people are able to crack into games to do this, I’m not familiar with how. I assume it was posted in this thread but cannot say for certain.


Depends on what platform you’re on. I play on the COG website in a chrome browser, and the variables can be directly edited in developer tools - websql. It probably works with other browsers too. If you’re playing elsewhere, I think you need to download the code and edit it.


Could you give me a guide to do this? Playing on chrome seems more convenient as I can probably do it on mobile and PC.

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Copy the ‘state’ value, change whatever variables you want to change, and then put it back in. It also doubles as a manual save system.


Hi, so I’m new to this and not great with computers. Does anyone know how to edit stats for choice steam games? I’m trying with the keeper of the sun and moon

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So I’m doing this on iOS, but I found something weird with the code. In the startup file instead of the stats being on separate lines there’s “,”
For example:
“,”*create charming 50","*create strength 50
This would mean I would have to manually delete those and add line breaks which is a pain to do

For steam choice games what I do is going to my C:/Steam/userdata and look for the games folder, mine is 212424546, inside this folder you will find a lot of numbered folders, go inside anyone, open the remote folder and inside you will find files with the name of your game example storePSgunsofinfinityPSstate and storePSgunsofinfinityPSstatebackup, open them with notepad there you will see a lot of variables you can modify, remember to modify the same variable both in the “state” and “backup” files of your game to work, save any changes and reopen your game, it will show you any changes you made, if an error happens then you maybe modified a variable beyond of what the game code allowed, start with little changes, after that you will feel comfortable to change many things and have your OP MEME RUN of any game you want


I’m having an issue with modding on steam. I have an edited game which worked perfectly fine last I checked, maybe two months ago, but now I’m consistently getting a Javascript error each time I try to start up the game. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

The error message

2020-09-05 09_08_51-Error

Edit: I don’t know how or why this fixed it, but I unzipped the newest app.asar and just copy-pasted the text of my modded chapters into the relevant .txt files. Now it’s working just fine again

Anybody got something on the Omnibus android app? It is a pain, can’t figure out anything at all.


I need help with sabers of infinity
I tryed to modify with apk editor the skillcheck from chapter 9 from 60 sol to 70 and saved but when I check in later it changed back…

You wanted to increase your skill or you wanted increase the difficulty by increasing the check. I don’t understand your question dear.

Ah nvm
I managed to solve it
Im sorry for disturbing you

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So how exactly do I find scenes and the startup files for some reason I cant seam to locate it :sweat_smile:

‘game url’/scenes/startup.txt

Where is the game url this is my first time Im kinda lost sorry

At the top of your screen. If you do it right you should have something like this.


The part before scenes/startup.txt will change depending on the game, but that part will remain the same.