Editing Attributes of dashing don games

Hi guys,
I have been playing games of CoG and HG for well over a year,
but eventually i have run out of stories to read,
then i started playing some on dashing don but most of it doesn’t save game,
so i have been trying to edit the attribute of the dashing don games but so for have been unsuccessful.
i really want to explore all the game play.
if anyone knows how to do it please help me.

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So… you want to play some stories at dashingdon with save system, right?
Well, only the author that have the capability to include the save add-on to their game, unfortunately :frowning2:

Like @Szaal stated before, you can only save your progress in games where the author has implemented a save system, whether if it’s by manually going in and editing CS’s files or they use checkpoints and variables to save progress.

You yourself can’t edit the game, but if I remember correctly there is a way to look at a game’s coding if you buy it in the web store. It’s a method that you can use if you just want to find out what happens in the story/don’t feel like playing through the whole game again.

I don’t want to add save option I want to edit stats on it

You can’t edit stats either. Only the author of a game can do that. For example, if you were to make your own game, only you would be able to edit what goes in there. Nobody else would have access to it.

I know this thread is very old by this point, but another way you can “Cheat” in Dashingdon.com games if that’s what you’re trying to do is to put “scenes” in the web domain, download the scenes files, then place them in the scenes folder you’ll get when you download “make your own choice of games” and then edit them to your liking. Just make sure to delete all the example scenes that are there after a fresh download from the choice of games website. After you’ve edited them you can play the game on firefox using the Index button like you normally would if your were testing your own game. The word ‘scenes’ needs to go after /mygames/. For example, if you wanted to play choice of the gods and edit the stats, download all the scene files from https://dashingdon.com/play/rohie/children-of-the-gods/mygame/scenes/.