Edit post button not showing


Okay, it’s a stupid question because I have edited my posts before. But for some reason I can’t find the button anymore. So, here are two screenshots. One to show that I can find the button normaly, (so I feel less stupid) and one where I can’t find the botton.

and the one where I can’t find the option

Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? (and yes, both messages were posted by me.)


I think after a certain amount of time has passed from when you post you lose the ability to edit that post. You probably need to PM a mod asking them to edit in the new link for you.


thanks, will do that :smile:


Discourse default settings mean that you can’t edit posts that are older than two months old. It’s the forum software’s fault.

If anyone wants a post edited we’ve a couple of ways we can get around the software. The first is just PM a mod with the post link and what you want edited in. The second is we can switch posts to wiki format, which allows anyone to edit them.

You can make your changes and then we can switch it back to a normal post. (I think, I’ve never turned one back before.) Or you can leave it open and hope all of the other forum members are responsible enough not to take advantage of the fact they can edit the post. The last option’s probably the easiest if you plan to be frequently editing your post.


If this gets to be a recurring problem, have one of the admins (@jasonstevanhill or @dfabulich) raise the post edit time limit setting (or 0 for forever).


I’m having this same issue and was wondering if i could get some help.

I use this one PM as a sort of “notes” section where i keep my notes for a joint-WIP-COG-Project so that i and the other people working together can access it easily, but i am unable to edit my old notes and was wondering if i could get help fixing that.


If you could invite me to the PM and point out which posts you want to be able to edit indefinitely I could change them to wiki posts.


Thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood!!!