Echoes of Kingdom: The Last Stand (WIP) Updated 16-7-24. 115k words

Hello all!

I’ve begun working on my second Hosted Game, Echoes of Kingdom!

Life is good, you’re rich and powerful, a member of the Royal Council. However, that is all about to change as a resurgent Empire of Akucar has eyes on your kingdom. Will you be able to fight them off?

In the game, you play as either The Grand General, High Magicker or Weaver of Webs of the Kingdom of Bulatria (name possibly subject to change). Your task is to prepare the kingdom for the coming invasion by the Empire of Akucar. Not an easy feat when the kingdom is corrupt and unprepared to deal with any external threat.

Currently, it’s about 115,000 words altogether and includes violence, so be warned.

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to update frequently, but I certainly intend to!

  • Grand General Samafel, Hero of the Five Banners (Male). Samafel is an imposing and muscular man, with a clean-shaven face and short, brown hair, and gray eyes. Samafel is of the most high-ranking nobles of the land. A few years ago, Samafels father attempted to lead a coalition of the minor nobles against the newly-crowned Queen Betrhys. Rumors abound as to why the Queen trusts him to command the Five Banners.

  • High Magicker of the Scholarium, Her Glory, Lady Gimladred (Female). A tall and full woman with curly red hair. Her piercing blue eyes command attention and respect, capable of bending others to her will with a single glance. Her position as High Magicker has seen her gain incredible wealth and power in the realm.

  • Weaver of Webs Wilka the Gray (Any gender), is a short and lean person with raven-black hair that always obscures the right side of their face, where an eyepatch is just barely visible. Wilka has a secretive past but their rise to power is legendary. Born on the streets, Wilka has used their cunning and intelligence to become the Weaver of Webs, the spymaster of the realm.

  • Her Majesty, Queen Betrhys (Female). A woman beautiful enough to write stories about, with dark curls framing her oval face and light blue eyes. Through some dubious maneuvers, Queen Betrhys gained the crown despite being only third in line for the throne. Thus teaching a quick lesson to those who have thought to underestimate the Queen of Bulatria.

Challenges for you, the reader (Things that should be possible but are supposed to be a bit hard):

*Romance the other two council members
*Convince at least one of the council members the threat is real
*Get information proving the coming invasion
*Recieve a message after lowering corruption
*A behind-the-scenes reward for convincing a fellow council member

I’d love to get feedback of any kind!


16-7-24: Added a scene between travels, thus concluding the entire tour.
27-6-24: Added the Yellow Banner, Sands College and Sands Web
13-4-24: Added another scene between travels
17-3-24: Added the Green Banner, Yobte College and Salamis Web.
17-2-24: Large update, added Purple Banner, Royal College, Internal Web, Blue Banner, Nachshol College, and Southern Web. Also added small scene before leaving for tour and a scene between the visits.
31-1-24: Small update, added dream sequence and consequences for previous success or failure


Only misplaced thing of note just now is that the text behaves as if you drink and smoke with Wilka even if you choose to go directly to the council meeting.

As a side note, it would be nice if, when contemplating ending the corruption costing you money, the PC can start contemplating selling off some of the fripperies they’re surrounded with. They’ve just woken up in all that luxury after living hidden as a peasant for 40 years. They will probably be a bit more hardened to discomfort than they were previously, and it would seem logical. (I played as High Magister.)


Should be fixed.

Interesting idea, I think I’ll implement this for when your cash gets lower, maybe in return for getting a hit to your relations with the rest of the Council. (And a boost with the yet unexplored factions?)


I really like the concept so far. Well, seems like we have a tough road ahead of us.

Something of note, during the council meeting, I got this exchange.

“Well then,” she says, angrily twirling a lock of auburn hair. “What does the Council think?”

Gimladred clears her throat, “I believe Grand General Amaranth. The kingdom must prepare to defend itself.”

Wilka scratches their scalp, “I do not understand Grand General Amaranth’s angle. But I’m not buying this threat being real.”

The Queen smiles. “Well then, it seems like the majority of the council does not believe there is a threat to be dealt with.”

As the Grand General, I got the Magicker to side with me, while the Spy Master objected. Still seems I got the majority of the Council here with two out of three votes, yet the Queen says otherwise.


The Queen is also opposed, I changed the language a bit to make this clearer. Thanks!


i like it


Soo by cheating I “convinced” the general and spy to back me up but the queen still says that majority opposed when the text shows the general and spy supporting my claim. And ohh we can a throw a coup d’etat


Ultimate “you thought we were in a democracy?” moment.


“You know the patting of rain on the wooden cabin will you awake.”

I feel you might be missing a word here :slight_smile:


Amazing how I could have read the same sentence over and over and miss it every time!

Is it possible that one of them only believed you behind the scenes? Not in front of the Council?



there is other ro in the future ?:blush:
look forward reading your story !

Thanks you


Very interesting concept, specially if there are more loops involved, should we fail again; waiting on it


That is a possibility, I’m not entirely sure to be honest. This would be the first time I try to write romance and three ROs already feels like quite a lot!


no problem, 2 ro is good also😉


Seems really cool so far but it doesn’t show up on dashingdon I think you need to mark it as updated another demo had the same problem I think that was the reason could be remembering wrong

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What do you mean? As in the game isn’t publicly listed on dashingdon?

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Yea or atleast it isn’t for me


You’re right, I can’t see it either, even though I checked the (correct?) box.

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The other demo author said it had to be marked as updated I don’t know if you have done that but that’s all I know

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