Орлёнок - Eaglet (WIP)

I had quite a list of commentary for this WIP and I only read till the shooting scene and so now I have only one question: why? There is no love for Russian history or culture here, why does this exist? Maybe you love the Civil War, I don’t know, but the imperial part just was nor Russian, nor historical.

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This exists because I wanted to make a strategy-dress up-RPG-dating sim hybrid - and it is not a historical setting, even if it is not fantastical per se. I don’t know why you would expect love or a tribute for any real-life culture or history here.
Even the Russia-based setting is somewhat coincidental - I could’ve also based it on China instead, as especially the later political dynamics resemble the Chinese Warlord Era more than the Russian Civil War. The main reason why this ended up based on 1910s/1920s Russia is because the inspiration for writing this story (though not the inspiration for its content) came from me re-reading Budjonny’s Пройденный путь and Serafimovich’s Железный поток.


dont get why people start here now also with the politicel trash, please leave that out of choice of games. its a wip and a story who cares if its russian german or what ever, story is intresting thats the importent point and in my eys the whole point why choice even exists and what makes choice intresting becouse people come around with uniqe ideas


how dare they put politics in my Russian Civil War game!


What next, combat? The absurdity!


I believe the reason why its being brought up a lot its cause the russian civil war alegory is very on the nose and the fact it IRL led to the rise of the first socialist state is rather… Contentious? and filled with severe levels of words, words, and more words as this is a very touchy subject for some folks.


I wouldn’t want this wip to become political especially with an ideology like communism. The author probably already has an outline for how they want the story to be and for them to be stressed out because readers want the story to be written a certain way wouldn’t help.


To be fair this is a story a fiction, how one tell the story without details like ideology and stuff? Is that even make sense? To write something about conflict without mentioning the source of the conflict itself?

And after reading the story it’s also have psychopathic route which probably would go down to war crime and genocide route.

Writer should have none of such restriction because none of this is actually happen it is a fiction.

About the story itself:
I personally think this is good start of story, so far it includes detail about what happen and have good world building going, I hope it’s continue to flesh out more about the world and not put the worldview in the background.

There is reason why games like this war of mine have such success it’s because it’s author doesn’t restrict themselves in telling the story, happiness and sadness, good or bad that’s what make story worth reading.


To be clear: it’s not about politics, really, I don’t think the author should write in favor of the monarchy or the communists. But I think if you do a setting a la russe then show some actual culture, and we didn’t even get a throwaway sentence about russian court dress or something. If this was done to a chinese setting, the author would be eaten alive for the disrespect and appropriation, but if you do this shit to russians who cares.


To be fair the choice of clothing seems to be Russian clothing, like Ushanka and stuff, the emblem is still used in Russia today if player didn’t change the emblem.

Some title use normal Russian title although some like emperor probably could use Tzar and Tzarina

Well if we go that far probably need more Russian firearms as well.

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I’m Russian and it doesn’t bother me at all lol. On the contrary, I am very glad that someone writes something related to what I studied at school or read in books. And considering that this is a demo, it’s very well done. Culture is likely to be revealed throughout the game, because you can hardly cram a lot into 29,000 words. (Maybe you are also from Russia, I can’t understand what exactly upsets you.)


I’m Russian, yes, and I’m upset because what’s written in here has nothing in common with what happened and I just don’t understand why somebody would say “I’m gonna do a Russian history inspired game” and then take zero inspiration from Russian history.


I think that it is worth giving the game a chance, because the author only outline the main points. Like, you live in a country based on Slavic culture, this is your family, this is what is happening, this is what you should do. Especially since the game already gives you a lot of choices, which is not found in every demo.


Why aren’t people getting this upset about the other games on here inspired by other cultures? Is it seriously because it’s Russian inspired? Guess what? It’s not actually Russia! None of the events or people here are real, and it’s clearly being treated with nothing but respect and is being researched let’s also not forget it’s just a demo that isn’t fully finished or even seems close to being finished also if you don’t like it here’s something you can do it’s revolutionary I don’t think it’s ever been done before… You can leave! I know never been done before but seriously if anyone who plays this gets offended just leave it alone it’s really that simple.


Just want to say that I’ve been watching this thread since it got published the other day and have replayed the demo dozens of times since then. Didn’t really have anything particular to add since it’s still early days and the author seems to have a particular vision they’re still developing so I stayed quiet but given how much back and forth there’s been so early in its lifespan, I just wanted to leave this comment to maybe balance out the discourse a bit.


Hi all,

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I can’t say the author’s real motive, but I would say there are two reasons.

  1. The country of IF is based on Russia, but it is not Russia, books, novels, etc., do this all the time, take the culture, make some changes, but ignore the history to write their own history, and that makes connection with my second point.

  2. If it were based on real-world history, you would have several limitations when writing, for example, the game Suzerain has its own fictional world, there is no country called Sordland in real life, nor Arcasia, nor Cortana, but playing I could feel several connections with my country with Sordoand, and people from other countries completely different from mine felt the same, because Sordland is based on several countries during the cold war, and there are several other correlations with the real world, but the developers they had the freedom they had to write the story of the game, because it’s not our world, so they could look and think “what would character X do in scene Y” without having to watch 300 documentaries about person X and come up with the answer “I don’t know man”, but as it is a fictional world they were able to find a concrete answer and have a much more interactive story because of it.


I forgot to include this in my last post here, but I want to say that I love the story from what you’ve written so far although I feel some more scenes with your family would help with the pacing. The player character is introduced to each member of their family and a friend but it’s too brief before suddenly being escorted to your own execution and sharing how you feel about their deaths (mainly the parents). I’m not too big a fan regarding all the customization for the clothing but you included in your op that this wip is part dress-up. Could you add a choice for a premade set of clothing that already has the hat, shirt, pants, etc.?


Its inspired by whats known today as russia but back in the time of 1910 - 1920s beyond that im not sure how close the author is playing it far as the land goes. All we see so far is the capitals palace itself and thats kinda of broad and vague brush strokes.

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Just finished the demo its a really good framework. The most interesting thing to me is the ability to just straight up play as a actual psychopath. Overall this looks like a great project im looking forward to more updates.