e3 2014


As day one of e3 2014 concludes, I need your opinions. I don’t know if any of you watch e3 but if not, you miss some Dragon Age that I can see is much liked in the CoG community, so if you did catch it: What games are you favorite so far? What deserves the ‘Best of E3’ and Did Sony beat Microsoft?


Sony did an amazing job, started off strong and ended strong. The middle? Meh, even for a PS4 owner myself I just wanted to skip all the hardware and go straight back to the video games. Definitely my favorite conference of the day along side Ubisoft. The announcements were amazing, and I’ll definitely have to save up to buy all these amazing games coming out soon.

A bit disappointed that they didn’t show enough Mass Effect 4, since it was something I’ve been waiting years for. I thought they would have a CGI trailer by now because of some tweets two or three months back about motion capturing.

I was if-y about The Division until I say that trailer that just tugged my heart strings.

Already pre-ordered Destiny. Already Pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Knight. Died when I heard Troy Baker’s voice in Far Cry 3. Resurrected in Infamous: First Light. Then died again of laughter in Dead Island 2 trailer.

Decided to skip Nintendo’s conference because, I don’t know, I feel like they’re losing their edge. They aren’t as fun as they once were.

But other than that, it was a pretty good E3 in my opinion, I’m not sure why a lot of people on social media are crying about how bland it was when they had a lot of good announcements.


Poor Nintendo. The WiiU didn’t work out at all. All of the WiiU games had to be compatible with the handheld device, and that severely diminished the possibilities of what they could do with motion controls.


My favorite was Assassin’s Creed Unity, with my vote for the best trailer. The combination of graphics, gameplay and four player was amazing. As a Microsoft fan, I believe Sony brought the big guns this year. They really impressed me with the Mortal Kombat X gameplay, because I have loved MK since day one. The new Rainbow Six was a shocker to me, as I was looking forward to Patriots, but the whole hostage thing had me on the edge of my seat.


There were some rumors going around that one of the four playable characters would be Connor, though I highly doubt that. Everyone would have been able to tell on the spot.

Though I honestly believe that Unity should have been AC4 instead of the other way around. AC4 was a bit disappointing, the way Edward was portrayed and how they made him as the Assassin’s errand boy really made me lose interest.

But Unity has my full attention and looks very promising. I’ll definitely be getting it when it releases.


I thought that one of the assassins looked a little like Connor, outfit wise, but Connor should still be in America post revolution right now. Edward’s story was touching, to say the least. I didn’t like the fact that he was a ‘fake assassin’ basically until the end, but I really loved all of the characters and hated to see them all go. The real sad part was the “Parting Glass” sequence 8 scene when it shows the old crew sitting at the table being happy… Overall AC4 was a pretty good installment to the Assassin’s Creed series and Unity will boost the series to the next gen level. On the trailer, when the other three assassins came out of the fog, I got chills.


I really dont like Sony conference due i just bought the ps4 for my birthday and game catalogue is ridiculously short. I HATE SHOOTERS REALLY I HATE THEM ALL MY OPTIONS AFTER MORE 8 MONTHS OF RELEASE ARE SAME GENRE ALL SHOOTERS. NO BACKWARDS CAPACITY AND NO CLOUD IN EUROPE. So what is conference more and more shooters due it must be only genre in the earth’s surface. I just bought a brick until 7th october when i could play my preordered DAI copy Sony has to understand FPS arent the entire game universe lol


Doesn’t Mass Effect four have practically nothing to do with the previous ME games or something? Like they decided that since they completely fucked everything up with the ending of ME3 they just decided to go somewhere where the consequences of that couldn’t be felt?


@Shoelip worse, they are teasing with Shep images and they weren’t saying a shit about it They even didnt say if its a precuel or a sequel . My personal bet shep opening somehow a portal to another universe or the same universe in another time when enter in the crucible. Also the weird looking race has being confirmed a krogan.



I thought that was Shepard too. But it is never explained whether the N7 with red strip armor was only Sheps design or a standard N7 armor.


Haven’t got around to watching all of E3 yet, but…

@Nocturnal_Stillness @poison_mara @Shoelip
Yep, they have said that ME4 will be completely unrelated to Shepherd (though they haven’t - to my knowledge - ruled out the reoccurence of familiar characters), they’ve said that much at least - so that will almost definitely not be shepherd you saw in the trailer.

But I do mostly agree with this decision because yes, let’s face it, ME3’s ending was truly dire. I don’t think they could continue (well) from that, even if they tried.



I know its just they showed a human wearing N N7 armor with the distinct red stripe which is how Shepard’ s armor was but it is never explained whether that armor is the standard for human N7 soldiers. (None of the humans in multiplayer had the stripe either -not that I remember)


Nope also they didnt want confirm or not n7 was shep or not. Fishy really fishy. They admit weird alien is a krogan but nope if n7 is sheploo or not and in all marketing the red strip in n7 armor its only for Shepard


I don’t want to turn this into an entirely ME4 thread, but I’ll finish with this:

Commander Shepard is gone, but not forgotten. BioWare Montreal producer Fabrice Condominas confirmed to VG247 that Shepard’s story is finished, and the captain will not be featured in Mass Effect 4, or whatever the next entry in the series is titled.


Yeah, I know that’s why is fishy they don’t want to say its not shep for hype reasons. Itsa cheap move in my opinion i dont believe its shep in game they put there to troll fans and up speculation.


Just had a thought that actually makes sense both plot wise and still follows the fact Sheps story is over.

that character in the N7 armor is actually the child of Shep and Liara. I know players can choose not to romance her but regardless you have that scene where she gives you the gift where she shows you her memories. We also know the Asari can make babies without the physical contact. And also Liara is obsessed with Shep. So her creating a child with Shep in case she lost him/her again makes sense in a creepy way. This also explains the N7 stripe armor the grown up child wears something modelled after what her human parent wore.

On E3 in general has anyone ever been there?


Isn’t Liara from an all female race? Would that character have to be female?



Yeah thats the only flaw as it would mean a set MC.


If that were the case then the character would be asari too. But I don’t think the character in the trailer is. You’d need to help me out on that one as I haven’t watched it yet.


@Nocturnal_Stillness Set protagonist isn’t such a flaw. Lots of games have that, and it’d seem to make sense with the way Bioware is going that they might just give up on customization altogether for their next game. The biggest problem I see is that it would be a non human protagonist, and a female one at that. Think of how many non-human protagonists there are in games where humans play a large role. Then think of how many female protagonists there are in games period. Especially western developed games. Western Publishers hate female protagonists.