e3 2013!


I didn’t get to see it all just bits, but the next -Gen stuff looks freaking sweet!! Which are you more exited for Xbox one or PS4?
And which games are you stoked to play?!!!


Xbox one


Xbox One is horrible if your excited to see the Xbox One that means you’re excited to see the gaming industry go down the toilet…


PS4 all the way, all the hype!


@2Ton I m PS4 all the way, it beats the snot outta Xbox one. :-))
But what games do you wanna play?


I still don’t understand why people prefer platform gaming to PC.


Some of us don’t know the first thing about gaming PC’s :v


@ADNox I don’t think people think its inferior, I think they just don’t like the controls. Or they just don’t have one.
@ninjasplaycardgames2 its pretty similar to console play just that you can use mods on a PC. Yes you can use mods on a console but you have to jailbreak it then you might brick it and not be able to use online multplayer. Lots of pros and cons.


I’ve only seen bits, but I like them all! I am so looking forward to the game ‘rain’, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts III’. I’ll watch more later on when I get home.


I nerdgasmed so hard at the sight of Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront, both being worked on by DICE. Two games I’ve been waiting YEARS for finally coming, I’m on cloud 9 right now.


@Apillis and I are of one mind. I started freaking out like a mother !$#& during the SW:B teaser. Cried like a stripper with a heart of gold on the inside.


what battlefront !!!
thank you EA For the first time of my life


My thoughts exactly. I didn’t give a crap that EA was associated, I was just so glad to see Battlefront.


Personally I cannot wait for all the new IP RYSE in particular. Theif had me goin nuts. Watch dogs… Awesome. And MGS5!!! The Fox engine looks SICK!


The PS4 looks awesome


Yeah it does. I’m especially interested in the Mad Max game coming out for PS4, I mean, I grew up watching Mad Max, Road Warrior (the best one of the three), and Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome. So I’m really interested to see what they do with the game.


Xbox One sucks, Imma say some controversial stuff but I feel Star Wars is dead now that Disney and EA have it anything starwars related with them im not happy even remotely to see though It might be good, but still Im not going to even get remotely hyped about it, I like Xbox more because I like playing on tv screen im still kinda ignorant about the capabilities of the PC I suppose you can do alot more than a console can do but Im not sure everyone knows that, and the PC stuff for gaming costs too much money my laptop now costed 600 dollars and I cant even run most PC games without lag surfing and I heard you need a desktop and stuff to get like real game quality but I dont have room in my house to be setting up desktops especially since I bounce around from house to house and stuff.

I know everyone is hyped on the same two things, but imma get very pessimistic right now. Im the sort of person who doesnt get hype for things everyone likes I honestly didnt like any of the Bioshocks, Final Fantasy, or Assassin’s Creed.

Beyond two souls isnt interesting to me but I hope it does well.
MGS5 looks badass but Idk how I feel about it yet.
Call of Booty Ghosts makes yawn
Teenage mutant ninja turtles game makes me not excited because it was created by Activision
Watch Dogs seems to me to be interesting but at the same time im not sure if it will be good though im sure it will be a hit since people will find it ‘relevant’ and seems a bit like assassin’s creed
Saints Row 4 idk how I feel about it
Castlevania idk how I feel about that series anymore but Id like a throwback kinda sequel if they do that next year or something

The things im really excited about are Dark Souls II, Destiny, South Park Stick of Truth, Payday 2, Hotline Miami 2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Thief.

Everything else is meh to me.


Thief and Battlefront! :’)
Ryse looks really good too!


My laptop isn’t made for hardcore PC games, and most of the games that I am interested in are in the PS4, so yeah. They are great games though, I have to admit.

Watch_Dogs is the top game on my to-buy list. Beyond: Two Souls comes second. Rain now comes third. Now that I know Mirror’s Edge 2 is being developed, that comes fourth. The Last of Us seems great as well, but I’m not much of a zombie game (I doubt my parents would allow me either) so I’ll probably just watch people play playthroughs once it’s out and all.

Watch_Dogs, while the it may seem a bit like Assassin’s Creed in gameplay, I think it’s different as well, considering that it includes bits of technology here and there, and I think it’s really just interesting to me overall. I’ve seen the gameplay, and I think there’s a whole lot of potential in it, granted that it’s not out yet so we don’t know if they really will use all of its potential, but after the gameplay videos I’ve seen so far, it looks amazing.

Beyond: Two Souls is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY interesting to me. After playing Heavy Rain and being immersed in it, there’s no doubt that I will have to buy and play this game. The premise is definitely interesting, since I’m interested in all things spiritual, and Jodie’s an interesting character overall as well. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to this game.

Rain is definitely a unique and interesting game, I would even say that it’s Journey’s ‘successor’ in a sense. I mean, those graphics and everything in that game simply looks breathtaking, it really is more like a masterpiece rather than a game. However, I am also pleased knowing that the game will incorporate puzzle and adventure elements in the game. The idea is wonderful, maybe even magical, so I’m keeping my eye on that.

… Oops, this turned into a rant. I guess it was inevitable since the names Watch_Dogs and B:TS appeared. But yeah, skip that whole thing if you want to.

TL;DR: They all look amazing, and I’m looking forward to them all.

One question though, this may be a bit off-topic but since it appeared in E3 2013, why do you think that Xbox One sucks? Or do you think it doesn’t? I haven’t seen E3 2013 in its fullest yet, so I can’t judge myself, but I want to see what people think first.


xbone is a pure fail is more expensive than ps4 you cant resell games to game or other resellers you cant borrow games to your friends or rent them has to be always online only allows youplay 1 hour with out internet
kinect is obligatory and even if is off still recording voices . i travel with xbox 360 if i go visit family to the small village with no wifi cover so i couldnt play console during a month in my uncles home because i couldnt wifi wtf? the console is mine i want to play with it. And to add more shit the xbox 360 game you own are incompatible with xbone