DreamEater (WIP) last update 17/2

Pretty much done with the first chapter now (introduced two potential love interests and the third made a happy debut!). Now debugging and trying not to throw a brick through my laptop. I still have no idea how to use *hide_reuse, blah.

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Japan > Girl > Blessing results in this:

Your hair is tangled from tossing and turning in your sleep. Your bloodshot eyes are ringed with dark circles. And let’s not mention the veritable jungle you’re growing out on your face. Still, your appearance can be salvaged. Do you want to try?

Even Japanese girls can be bearded ladies.


Oh. Oh, dear. I’ll have that fixed by the next update.

Hey just wanted to let you know that the second link (chapter) is shorter than the first link. Don’t know if that’s suppose to be that way

Sorry, could you expand? What do you mean the second link is shorter?

Sorry for not explaining further. When I clicked on the first link and played the demo then clicked on the second link and played the demo again the second time the demo end quicker ( just after deciding what to do with my hair, long, short or leave it messy)

That’s odd, both the links lead to the exact same file. In any case, I’ll have an update pushed out by the weekend, so the issue shouldn’t affect too many people. :smile:

Quick survey - should I update demos even though there are a couple scenes missing, or wait until I’ve gone large chapters up before updating?

It’s up to you, really. I prefer bigger updates, so you don’t need to update that regularly which gives time to write something solid, even if takes a little while. But if your working a lot (or nonstop) on the project, then you could do minnor updates.

New update. This time it’s all the way to the end of Chapter One (or at least, the tentative end of C1). Hopefully I can work on it more over Chinese New Year, since I’m not entirely happy with a certain character’s introduction. Character introductions always have been my weakest point…

Also, I renamed it after multiple "what do you mean that’s your title"s I got from friends. :smile:


I chose the hooded guy option when you’re in the redwood copse, and it went to a girl telling me her name’s November :frowning:

yeah I think that whole section needs work :slight_smile: If you actually choose the woman option it can’t keep her gender straight in the same sentence :smiley:

Edit: As I progress further, I can’t help but feel that I’m jumping about in a disjointed manner. Almost like sections are being missed.

Damn, I thought I’d fixed that bug. Does the gender switching only happen during the copse?

largely. Still feels like it jumps around story branches randomly though around the copse scene onwards.

result in no choice, line 58 no choice i belive. just check it out

The storyline flows well!

Liked it kind of reminds me of “abstract dreaming” it where you have an outer body experience but still conscious of you sleeping. I found a type when you meet the 3rd choice for love interest i picked it to be a “her” and this popped up
“His aura, so to speak, is practically blinding. You ask her about it.”
Also continues with using his instead of her.
Keep up the good work my interest is peaked.