DreamEater (WIP) last update 17/2

My first time creating anything with ChoiceScript (or coding in general), so here we go. I rushed this in…like…four hours in order to put it up by the weekend, so I apologise for the bugs. English isn’t my first language either, please correct any weird phrases I have!

Colour of Dreams
You are a medium, one of the lucky (or unlucky, depending on whom you ask) few capable of walking both this world at the next in your sleep. You were born with this talent, and so far it hasn’t done any harm - until one day you start seeing the worlds bleed into each other.

You are a medium. You straddle both worlds, and now you must save one.

I have a rough idea of where I want this story to go. So far the demo consists of the introduction and a basic character creation. It’s fairly short, but I intend to work on this if it kills me.



Okay, this is interesting. I just retested the compiled file, and apparently one of my scenes isn’t in there. Recompiled the file, and the compiler doesn’t even recognise that the scene exists. Anyone have any idea?

Is it an entire chapter that is missing? If so, do you have it listed in your startup.txt file?

If it is just a scene in a chapter, are you maybe missing a label or using a goto command spelled slightly different than the label you are using?

Did the chapter pass the quicktest? That one weeds out a lot of smaller errors.

It usually just appears when you list a resource, but don’t include it. Did you label one of your chapters differently to the way it appears in the scene list? I am not sure if it’s case sensitive, but it probably is. If you listed, but didn’t include it you still need to add the chapter even if it only contains 1 letter to make it compile properly.

Ah, I think I found the issue. I forgot to list it in mygame.js. Recompiled and it finally recognised the scene.

Incidentally, Quicktest throws up a couple of errors I don’t run into when I test the game on my browser. Is that normal?

It depends what causes the errors, as a general rule you should try and fix anything either of the tests bring up. The only exception is if you are certain it’s caused by missing content from later in the story. Even then it’s often worth just putting in the bare minimum of the later content to confirm the error will be fixed.

Managed to fix the error! Man, I should really start labeling things properly.

Here’s the updated link:


Labeling things properly from the start saves a load of work later. I know that from painful experience…

Lesson learnt. Label everything. Maybe I should make a spreadsheet of my labels…

I played the demo, it was short but sweet. I really love the setup, and you have a nice, relaxed way of writing that pulls me into the story.

The demo was nicely written, a little too short to find many errors at this point. One small suggestion… the switch of gender choice when choosing to be from Melbourne is going to catch quite a few people out. Without a way to correct it will likely annoy people when they realise they chose opposite to the way they intended.

Ah, you’re right. I’ll probably remove the swap and rewrite that origin. Thank you!

I wouldn’t say change it much necessarily. Just make the option easy to pick. Especially for people replaying who probably aren’t reading the text as carefully at that point. Although to play devils advocate… an unwanted child is probably going to produce a fair number of basic character changes. Which means more writing for you. Beware of too many major changes at the start of the story. That’s how your story becomes an epic sucker of your time and life ;p

An epic sucker of my time and life sounds fantastic. I am so incredibly bored it’s a little ridiculous.

I figure the character personalities will be fairly similar for the Melbourne and Kamagasaki origins, so most of the tweaking will be done for the London origin. That being said, most of the main choices aren’t affected by personality, so most personality things will be flavour text. I have an unhealthy addiction to flavour text.

It was a bit short but that’s understandable but anyway, I’m intrigued :slight_smile:

So fair I really like the story and where it is going. :smile:

Cool so far - though I noticed that even though I chose to be a woman, it suggested I had an awesome beard growing :smiley:

I like it so far.
I’m looking forward to see where you go with this.

Um. Whoops. Wrong game. Haha! Haven’t had time to check this one out yet.

Edit: Well, checked it out. It’s a little too short for me to say much, but it seems interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the updates. :smile:

Well, that’s embarrassing. Which choices did you make before that?