Dream Game


I was thinking what would be the coolest text adventure game ever? What is your dream text adventure game. It be possible or impossible.
P. S. I’m not going to start off cause last time I did it the post reached the moon (and I’m still.deciding also)


One where I am a demon in a modern or medieval world where I either, hunt down other demons and defend humanity, or, be the best human eater of them all as either a Succubus/Inccubus who tempts others into willingly give them their life force, a Possession demon who uses their wits to isolate people and devour their soul from the inside, or a brute demon that slaughters groups of humans not caring if it is seen. Will you defend humanity? Or plunge them into WW3 to rise to Lord of hell?


Hmm that’s a good question… maybe it sounds a bit weird… But you asked about my dream game. :wink:
I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy Fan and I’ve been always thinking how awesome it would be if there would be actually a game where the MC would be a surgeon and I can decide how the story goes on… if the career will be successful and of course a big romance part with the right amount of drama.^^
I would buy such a game right away, but I guess I’ll have to either come up with something like this myself or maybe hope for it to happen one day in the future. :wink:


Some thing where you enter dreams, similar to inception, but whatever it is, make sure it ends with a twist.


My dream game would be a well-written, historically accurate game set in Medieval Europe.


All really cool dream games. All of them sound pretty awsome. I still am deciding what my dream game would is though.


My dream game would be you control a career like pop star, rock star or movie actor




Same as @Redgrave 's. There was a pretty good Medieval WiP floating around, but i’m not sure what happened to it.

Besides that, other historically accurate Choice Of games would be great (Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster, and Tin Star are some great examples)


I have to agree with @God_of_Demonz there isn’t any demon games out there id love to have a game like that


mine would have to be a D&D spinoff. that would be rlly, rlly cool. and they have a couple like this, but they haven’t gotten very far :confused:


@God_of_Demonz I pitched an idea to CoG for such a game.

@Natsu_Dragneel Choice of the Rock Star is in the works, I believe.


I hope Choice of the Rockstar is awesome and realistic. The rockstar gamebook by You Decide was sooo disappointing. Then again, CoG produces the best interactive fiction, so my hopes are high.

The last book in my Demons Among Men series is something like that :smiley:




What’s your dream game @Samuel_H_Young


I’d say a long, non-linear, art filled, labor of love, low fantasy medieval game where you play as a wizard and have to defend your ruler’s castle against an army ten times the size of yours.

EDIT: You know what? I think I’ve just made an idea for a game after my Demons Among Men series:D


Sounds awsome.


I actually pitched that one.


The setting doesn’t actually matter much for me, so long as it’s a well-written, thoughtful story with impactful choices. I don’t like puzzles though. They tend to be either too simple or too obscure. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to really try and solve them. A large, consistent, detailed world with lots of history and colour will certainly be a nice addition.


My dream game would probably just be Mass Effect, only without the plot holes or mediocre sequels.

Or a Legend of Zelda RPG. That would make my year.