A topic for discussing all things about dragons, dragon-riders, shapeshifting dragons, dragon intelligence levels, dragon books and movies and games.

Do your dragons sparkle in the sun? Do they wear dragon knights like jewelry? What would you like to see in a dragon choice game? Do you want to write a dragon choice game but are stuck for ideas?

Our dragons are different!


Any resemblance to Scales&Tales is purely coincidental. :slight_smile: http://www.kongregate.com/games/GregoryWeir/how-to-raise-a-dragon

I like dragons. It was Choice of the Dragon that drew me into Choice games in the first place and I do still think it’s one of the best games. I just wish it had a better ending and was a bit more fleshed out.

I’ve read a fair amount of dragon stories.


I’m totally with you on this Choice of dragon was the one that first hooked me to so I’ve always been waiting for a new dragon game I’ve mostly favor the eastern kind of dragon the type with four legs and two wings I also like the eragon style of dragon/ dragon-rider relationship


My dragons think knights go good with ketchup and mustard once they crack open their shells. They like collecting their shields however, especially the shiny, highly polished ones. Those make great wall decorations.


My dragons are the epic of epicness. They are either humans (or any other race/species) that can shift into dragons and back or dragons that bond with people.


To pick up a question from the other thread: don’t read Dragonlance. They did something unforgivable in the first trilogy – cutting away from several of the most exciting and plot-significant moments so they could sell game modules for those bits.

Maybe you enjoy having one section end with, “Let’s go into this tower,” and the next one begin with, “Well, now we have the all-powerful Dragonlance! Wasn’t that cool? But we won’t say anything else about how we found it, ever again. Onward and upward!”

If so, read Dragonlance.

Otherwise, Weis & Hickman wrote another series with dragons in it… Death Gate, or something like that? Four elemental worlds. I recall it being pretty good for the first four books and then failing to tie things up well. But it’s as good as anything they ever wrote for TSR.


Did they do that? I can’t even remember. But then the whole series of books are a bit of a blur. I remember I liked the character progression of Laurana right up until her moment of stupidity which made me furious. And likewise I liked Kitiara, but not the way she went. And other than that I can’t remember much at all. Oh something about Tika and a frying pan and fried potatoes. Strange what I remember of the book and how most of it I don’t.


If I can wade in on this Topic, dragons being one of my favourite mythical creatures. (And choice of Dragon was great!)

I love it when Dragons are sentient. One of my favourite examples is in a sadly not very well know Author Vivian V. Vanderbelt’s book “Dragon Bait” The dragon in that was a shape shifting, cunning, snarky,interesting cheracter. It’s been a few years since I read it, the dragon does a few forms of magic along with shape shifting. I always find a dragon that can out smart you be a good adversary or in Dragon Baits case the Anti-hero/Hero. XD

Though there is good points to the dragon that is just a little smarter then your pet dog, a sentient dragon is am useing when you have a dragon rider, but the less intelligent one makes for a good villen or pet. All minecing and all~


@Havenstone really? Is that why they did that? I never realized…


Yep. At least once in each book, IIRC.


@Havenstone That is the most depressing thing, possibly, that I have ever read regarding books! It is perfectly fine to make a game based off of the book, but to slice away the book entirely and leave everyone who doesn’t play the game hanging wondering what the heck happened is absolutely not! Thanks for the answer! I now know to never touch that series! And in case you were wondering, no, I do not like that concept of ending somewhere and picking up somewhere else with no indication of anything that happened in the intervening time and no way to find out without playing a video game or reading it on the internet.

I also don’t like it when things are left unresolved and loose. I guess I’ll pass on that other series as well. Thanks again for the advice! You saved me both money and time along with a whole lot of disappointment and hassle with returning books!


I didn’t even notice that there were chunks of the book missing. Then again I’m used to books just missing stuff out.


Why do the books you read always have missing portions?!


I suspect bad authors. :slight_smile:


Why do you like dragons? Symbolism? Cultural reverence? Something else?


@hahaha01357 Why WOULDN’T you like dragons?! They are cool creatures to have in a world, and they are very fun to write about due to the creativity you can have with them! If you really expect the answer to be something as specific and dull as “I enjoy the symbolism that can be applied to them” or “In my culture dragons are supposed to be liked” then you need to be less narrow minded!

@FairyGodfeather That’s quite disappointing!


I like dragons. I like the power and mysticism they bring and the sense of fascination they invoke in people. Just wondering why you like them.


I like games where if they have chunks missing between games its either explained why in the following game or where they have maybe a comic book bridge or something in between. Something to watch or read that you don’t need to explain the gap just where if you like the series enough you watch/read it.


@Scrivener I would much rather just have the whole thing, especially if it is something that is essential to the plot, be all the same media for giving you information. If it’s a book, the story should all be told in a book. If it’s a game, the entire story should be a game. Only “extra” details should be made to branch into other forms of entertainment.


That’s what I was trying to say only different words. I like the stuff that is nonessential to bridging the story or plot and yet shows us something we might not know. Extra stuff inbetween is good but essential plot points are not.