Dragonrider (WIP) - Update!

Welcome to the land of Dyrven, a wonderful land full of dragons, adventure, fortune and fame. Will you become the world’s most renowned Dragonrider, or will you destroy all of your enemies and enslave dragons to do your bidding? In this demo of the game you will travel through the first trial of becoming a Dragonrider: the test and the trials of becoming a Cadet. In this game you have several choices, each one will greatly affect your gameplay later one and may lead to wanted or unwanted decisions. So be careful!!

UPDATE: After a long time of not working on this game I have decided to come back to it. I think there is a lack of dragon games in the choice genre so I thought I would work to create one. Try out the game and let me know what you think! Thus far you are only able to get through the “trial” stage in which you make it through one of the schools. If there is enough interest generated I will continue the creation! Have fun!


There’s an error that won’t let me get past the first chapter. The game looks like it has great potential. I’d just like to get to the plot.

P.s. Nice art!

I’m so happy this is back! I quite liked how it was before hand, so I’ll definitely be following this!

Could you copy and paste the error message?

I believe I have fixed the problem. Have fun!

A few times throughout the story the male MC is referred to as a female your sister calling you sissy ( could be an insult ) and the dragon at the magic academy calling you missy.

Also I’m not sure if this is supposed to be possible but if you fail to pass and get into the school the first time it lets you retake it. I was able to get my magic stat all the way to 100 by doing this repeatedly. I’m pretty sure this was not an intended side effect?

I will work on fixing the male/female things. The school bug was helpful for me being able to go through it and fix things haha! I’ll fix it soon. Thanks for your interest and help!

Hello @Jackal ,
I am so glad you are officially back! As promised I will write up a pros/cons list for you along with any tips or ideas I might have (I will try to make them helpful and I will try not to force anything onto you).
My only question is would you rather I put it here on the forum chat or as a PM?

Whichever you prefer!

It should be fixed now. forgot to make the beginning buffs actually apply. Try again!

Do you mean you can’t pass the exam or you can’t get into the school?

I got arrested for doing some Dark Magic. (Haters, my Ant army shall conquer them all one day!) Then I went home and played Princess with my little sister. Sure I might very well grow up to the scourge of the world, but I promised my sister I’d play with her and god help me test or no test we played princess! :expressionless:


Ah. You have made it to the end of the demo. I just updated it to where it will go to the ending instead of the kicked out portion. sorry!

I am glad you were able to add the character bonus to the stats, I was able to play through without complication. I hope you continue your great work!

At the end of the Sylverius tests and you receive the 3 items(skull, book, satchel), the name on the satchel was “Sylverian Cadet Derrick” (one of the pre-made choices I think) instead of the custom one I chose.
edit: it seems to happen in the other schools as well.

(Agility increases, Thievery increases, Fighting decreases)

That’s right, You’re an elf. Growing up in ythe town of Dragonspire wasn’t too hard on you. I mean, your race is looked to for guidance in uncertain times, but are forgotton as great contributors to the founding of the Dragonriders, what all citizens of Dragonspire and even all of Dyrven strive to become a part of.

But what was your equally masculine name?

When I picked the elf race it didn’t show, “magic increases,” in the text. Also the word, “You’re,” has a capital ‘Y’ when it is suppose to be small. Another mistake was the word, “ythe.” I hope you welcome any mentions about your mistakes, typos, grammar and all.

He was very calm even though you were frantic. You and your father had always had a great relationship. You remember when You were a kid you would…

The word, “You,” is suppose to be small.

You grab hold of the golden rope and begin to glide down. The walls of the well begin to widen and you see a light at the bottom grow brighter with each passing second.

The ground is visible now

You forgot a full stop/period.

The golden rope disappears but the magical well floats you down at a slow pace, but the laVA IS APPROACHING!! DO SOMETHING!!

You didn’t capitalise the word ‘lava’ fully.

It nods and you hear the words “Well done” echo around you, as if eminating from the walls themselves!

The word, ‘Well,’ needs to be small. Also the word, ‘eminating,’ is spelt, ‘emanating.’

You have impressed me greatly. The Dragonriders will hear of your feats. “Now take these prizes as a token of our friendship.”

Is this suppose to be all in speech mark? Because it seems like it.

“Well done Miss Joshua!” I believe it is time for some celebration!! Let us travel onward then! Thanks for checking out Dragonrider! remember to stay tuned and let me know if there’s any bugs or anything you think could be better!

Also this too, is this text suppose to be all in a speech mark because it seems like it

So far I am really liking it, I am a great sucker for fantasy plots and stories. I wish your WIP and you good luck in the future.

Thank you very muh for your input! I will get to work on fixing the bugs and typos @dan_mane and @Hizoku

In the Darnaxus school, immediately following the test to save the boy, defeat the wyvern and get the treasure:

 Cadet line 236: invalid indent, expected 2, was 1

Page text: This room had a very different look. There was a pillar of solid marble in each corner of this large room. In the center there was a bamboo sheet mat tha covered about 1/3 of the room.

Show Stats screen:
Eloweyen a Female Orc Teenager

School of Darnaxus

Weapon: Fists Gold: 15 Stone: Armor
Chest: Darnaxian Cheast Piece Legs: Cloth Arms: None Head: NoneStats
Personality: 31% Might: 32% Luck: 16% Magic: 19% Agility: 19% Thievery: 10% Fighting: 30% Dragonspeak: 10% Dragonlore: 31% Light: 57% Dark: 43% Relationships
Dragonriders: 10% Father: 100% Annabelle: 50%

When checking out the different schools I have the problem that once you have looked at the three of them, there are no more options to choose from as they disappear.