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Hi there! Actually I’m not really sure how to post a comment in the forum (since I’m mobile,) so I’m posting my question as a rep, and you seem pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the game’s walkthrough so there’s no harm askin XD, well atleast if you dont mind me asking, how do you acquire gold magic in-game? I’ve tried a lot of different choices just to make this possible, but I always acquired blue magic, not sure why cause I kept leaning on selfless-seeming choices but still, I was always presented with blue. Any hints, tips, stats percentage, or opinion on this matter that could help me out with this maniac cycle of blue? (No hate for blue, but its just a desperate preference of mine since, well don’t we all have control-freakish moments like this sometimes? Or perhaps, perfectionist-idealist would better describe term. Especially if it comes to jewel-like games like this?:joy::v:) Ps, I’d be 10 billion % appreciate whoever was able to read and reply to my comment. I’d be blessed tbh.:joy: And if possible, can someone tell me how to post a comment on a forum discussion post like this on choice of games for Android devices? I’m not sure how and was struggling with this earlier, so i resulted to this way of asking. I’d be forever grateful. Legit, forever grateful.:sparkling_heart: anyways stay safe whoever people who saw my rep! Xoxo.:clinking_glasses:

Hi, just came across your reply and only now responding;

Truth be told, I would not call myself an expert as it has been a while since I have replayed the game :sweat_smile:

Well, I unfortunately do not know the answer. Fortunately though, a user on here answered this Q;

If you can scroll down to the end of the thread, there is a reply button that allows you to make a normal post without having to reply to others;

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Hope this helped you out.

HI!! Omg thanks so much!!!:confetti_ball: This helped me TONS. Stay safe and thanks again dude!! :clinking_glasses:

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really strongly agree here. imo it’s pointless and alienating to your players to have gender locked ro’s. this is a cyoa game, not just a regular novel. and i’m not playing this for the harsh reality of people i like not returning my feelings. it’s a huge letdown when the only character that suits me/my mc is not an option to me. i don’t like shader (ahole and thief) or saren (snotty brat for most of the story) very much, so there goes my mlm options.

i feel pretty strongly in cyoa story games all the ro’s should be bi/pan regardless of how they “feel” to the author, so that players straight or queer can have equally as many romantic options. the author can still imagine them as straight in their head if they want, but locking them from players is a sucky move, and i feel like should be specified in the game description if you’re going to do that. as good as the story is for the most part, i kind of regret paying now that i know i don’t get all the ro options. and some people may be fine with playing as another gender for the ro they want but i’m not. i’d rather not make myself dysphoric for a game.

no disrespect to the author, but maybe if you wanted the ro’s to have specific sexualities that would make them off limits to the mc, you should have just written a novel and not a cyoa game. :confused:


Let me provide a different perspective to this: workload. Whenever you add any form of customization or long term reoccurring changes, it add to the amount of work that the author has to plan for and address. Even when writing things in a way that they could cover any scenario, that takes extra effort to make sure that those scene and sentences are written just right. This little bit here and there really build up over the course of a full story

Then there will be times when the text has to be written differently depending on how you approach a character’s gender if that is also changeable. It does not matter if the NPC’s gender or the MC’s gender is swappable there will be times when you have to write specified text or else everything will be written extremely generally.

Sometimes authors have to balance workload and how much they are willing to do. If you put too much work on your shoulders, you may not carry it to the finish line.

I could almost agree with this. However sometimes the character’s sexuality is a defining trait to their story. I feel that author’s should take care in making sure that every reader has their options, but to make everyone bi/pan does run the risk of hindering the character’s story.

I do think that this route is valid to authors who want to make sure to have an equal amount of options to all readers. It will have the greatest reaction over all from readers because it gives everyone literally the same options and that’s fantastic. It is what I would recommend most of the time to authors that are fine with the workload and want to please as many readers as possible.

There is more to a choice game than romance. I did not have a good opinion of any of the RO in this game/story, but I love this story! I am truly sad to hear that the author will not be continuing with this series. The fact that it is so thoroughly enjoyed and has little to do with the romances shows to me that a cyoa game was a fine choice. Even if they wrote a gender locked, romance locked story, the format of choice games is completely viable.


i would agree with you about a character’s sexuality being a defining trait to the story if the genre/plot was a coming of age, or something of the like where sexuality, homophobia, etc was a topic of discussion throughout the story, or something that came up often enough. but it’s useless in this case to gender-lock ro’s when it’s not even something that ever comes up in the story, or it’s a universe where there is no homophobia. if you’re going to have romance, it makes no sense not to make all the ro’s available to the player regardless of gender. if the workload is an issue, that can be solved easily by cutting down on how many ro’s there are. 3 or 4 are plenty if you want to cover a few gender options.

i think the story was very good, but it honestly should have just been a novel instead. as a cyoa, it didn’t work very well imo. i didn’t feel very much like my choices made any impact, especially when it came to the romances (this is the only cyoa i’ve come across so far that had gender-locked ro’s, and i’ve done a lot of them). you’re right, there’s more to a good cyoa story than romance, but if you’re going to make it an option it should be done properly. tbh they shouldn’t have bothered with the romances at all and stuck to focusing on your relationship with your dragon and your racing career, and world building. would have been much better.

but yes, i suppose it’s moot now since the author isn’t continuing the series.

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That you don’t like how the romances are done cos they have set sexualities and are genderlocked doesn’t mean the author “shouldn’t bother”.

That’s literally just your opinion. If you don’t like it, good for you, but there are many players who not only enjoy but prefer set sexualities and genders on IF games. To me, what is lazy af is to make every RO genderswapable and playersexual, to me that is the lazy approach and the sign that the characters are likely not going to be fleshed out (unless the author goes through the effort of making the different genders distinct from each other).

So the “not done properly” is really just your opinion and not a fact whatsoever.

IF games are not obligated in ant way, shape or form to give choices on EVERYTHING. It’s the authors game and they are free to add more or less interactive factor as they please.

I for one found Dragon Racer to have a good cast, one that I’m happy is making a comeback on another of the authors works, and for sure one that I’m happy is remaining genderlocked AND with set sexualities.


I actually like genderlocked RO’s. It makes the character more specific and detailed. Which makes the character feel more like a real person to me. And thats the most important for these kind of books for me: immersion.
I have been sad I couldn’t do a couple of romances because they were gay but it made them feel like real people with real preferences. +I feel like being the hotshot person who can get everyone in the story is really lame and unrealistic


I was hoping to get help win the races with my gold dragon and help friend the rival. I want to beat the rival fair not sure how and I wanted to win first in relay race

It isn’t possible to warm the first race

Not the first race the ones after the rookie showcase

@ToxicDreams Is there any way to save Allison because I feel that is would be fun to have a continued romance with her in the sequal.

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There isn’t and the sequel is cancelled