Dragon Racer (Discussion)

what stats should be focused for each of the different competitions?

For dressage, you don’t need any stats. Only need to give the correct commands.

For Puzzle Key, the dragon’s Swim stat can be useful.

For Freefall, having a high Bond with your dragon is most important.

An important stat for Cross Racing is Flight.

All in all, being good with Magic usually helps you as well.

You can take a look at detailed guides for each of the races here on the author’s tumblr:


what s ort of a boy Aaron?

Is our mom a goddess or a ghost because she used lightning to protect us, I mean what other explanation is this I need to know u are killing me like my girlfriend Allison


i played it again and still sad about the fact that the second part is canceld, so i breath the last sentence in. @ToxicDreams thank you for this beautiful book, i will keep it loving


Your kind words will reach the author for sure!

Reading the final scene of Dragon Racer again like this really feels bittersweet.

You could check out her Tumblr to find links for her other currently WIP/on-going stories. There’re currently three other fantasy stories and one supernatural modern world story.

Her writing style and story/world construction has quite improved over the years since the release of Dragon Racer!

Vielleicht gefällt Dir ja was davon!


A part of me was hoping the author could make a 2nd one but I finally understand that I have to let it go but I still loved every part of it from the beginning to the end


Damn, when I got the notification for activity on this thread again a small part of me held hope for like 3 seconds :sweat_smile:, truly an amazing story & would have made a great series :slight_smile:


Someone knows who draw the map?

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Actually I absolutely have no idea maybe your ghost Mom made it for you like the MC’s grand father from the lost heir @Okami_HD_Amatarasu