Dragon Racer (Discussion)

I have to add that there’s a WIP but, the thread is closed and the author hasn’t said anything yet so, I think we’ll have to wait for a little longer than expected.

Dragon Warrior is currently on hiatus as far as I know. The author is currently mainly working on Insight and the second game in the Superstition series (available on itchio).

I finished my 1st run, and I’m so in love with the game… Absolutely loved the vibe coming from the relationship between dragon and MC; made me think of some of the dragon x rider duos from Drakengard 1 and 2 :heart_eyes::sparkles:

The characters are also really amazing; although my fav ones’ paths are either uncertain/on hold, for one side, or (sadly) concluded for the other… Even more saddening is to read the post above :sob::sob::sob::pray:

Maybe I can find some consolation in thinking it was better to play now, than right when it came out; eases some of the eagerness for what lies ahead, perhaps! (or so I try telling myself :see_no_evil:

But seriously, this series is unique and remarkable; I would love to see, read or play more stuff related to it, game-wise or not…


If you haven’t already, you might want to check out the author’s tumblr! There’s a tag for asks about the Dragon Racer characters! There are also portraits of the ROs to be found.

Also, the author has written a couple of nsfw stories for some of the characters (Shader and Cassius, not sure about the others right now) and released them on Patreon. You have to be a Patron to get access to them though. One of the stories is actually an interactive romance story for Shader in “what if” scenario where Aleyn and Shader didn’t meet at the Marauders but grew up together on the streets.


Oohh that sounds great! :star_struck: :sparkles: Gonna check it out, thanks a lot for it!

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