Dragon Racer (Discussion)

If you haven’t already, you might want to check out the author’s tumblr! There’s a tag for asks about the Dragon Racer characters! There are also portraits of the ROs to be found.

Also, the author has written a couple of nsfw stories for some of the characters (Shader and Cassius, not sure about the others right now) and released them on Patreon. You have to be a Patron to get access to them though. One of the stories is actually an interactive romance story for Shader in “what if” scenario where Aleyn and Shader didn’t meet at the Marauders but grew up together on the streets.


Oohh that sounds great! :star_struck: :sparkles: Gonna check it out, thanks a lot for it!

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Hey I just got this game and I really enjoyed it! I was just wondering since I left Shader at the dock (pier?) during the last race will I be able to get back together with him in future games? Or is that relationship over?

No worries, he’s still romanceable. The only way to end things with him is by sending Nyx away and then not being able to give him a valid excuse on why.

Hi! I just finished the Dragon Warrior demo, and I was gonna write in that thread but it’s closed! I found a glitch where it says $hairtype $haircolor instead of my hair type and color.

Also, I was wondering when it might be updated next, it hasn’t been updated since last August from my understanding. I love these games so much, and Shader is the best character by far in my opinion lol… Maybe it’s just because I’m romancing him haha
Also, will it be more based on the story in future games or will there be more chances to race? I really loved that aspect of the game. Speaking of which, how do you get first in Freefall? I got third in both competitions even with my dragon bond in the 90s. Thank you!

There are guides for the races: https://13leaguestories.tumblr.com/guides

And besides updating the story to fix bugs there won’t be any other updates. Dragon Warrior will have racing elements as well.


I think Nyx is a horrible being. She should have told them. She had every opportunity to. She’s a coward for not doing so.

After coming across this adventure I have to say, it quickly became my favorite. Most other adventures I can usually go a chapter a day but this I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for an amazing story.

Is there a way to save Allison?

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I think it would be a nice touch if you add these as a scene in book 2 or 3 in a scenario if you pick the wrong choice and ends up dying.

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I just started playing dragon racer and I love it, I just want to know, my MC has black dragon and want to know how my MC’s black dragon feels about each tournament?