Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Where is my final notes???


Yes, thank you for the confirmation. I’m guessing Gold is the exception to the good dragons though. Not the rule

@Sailendranath_Murmu Its a bug that they are working on fixing


Ohh… I am going to fail in finals, aren’t I?


kekekeke good luck…


Not sure where to post this, but I made this lil’ Shader art
(Apologies, as I do not know how to do digital art)


Wow, way to crush a gals dream


Haha if only :heart_eyes: my one tru love haha. In this case however a simple typo due to rapid typing, I did mean Shader :joy::joy: my point stands and I will edit my response, apologies


Why is Cass kissing my forehead???


:rofl: Haha, sorry!! I don’t make the news, I just report it. :wink:


Hehehe, no problem! I’ve done that, too. And Shader is pretty darn irresistible. :wink:


Now I have to ask: Is it bc I mess up one of the choices or is there no way to be first in the relay event at the first meeting the MC gets to attend? (My MC so far always got first place in the solo race but second in the team one.)


Did you accidentaly start romancing him? XD


Uhhhh…no… I was romancing nyx and Allison with male MC…
And yes…you can win every professional race you participate in… I was able to win the first half with evil(don’t know how much) and attack the rider from behind and second half with bond.
With red dragon,you can go in the forest and trap the other rider in the first half.


I love this game! And I love my blue dragon! I just have a spot for big softies. Plus his liking kids remind me of my dog :grin:

Many like having a dominant dragon, but I like being the unsuspecting gentle one that is actually a badass.

And Shade is great! It will be hard to go for another RO in the next run!


Who says it’s Cassius? “He” is an awfully vague pronoun… maybe it’s Shader. Or Saren. Or even Duncan (OH MY GOD YOU’VE FINALLY WON HIM OVER!!).


@TacitLiar :clap::clap: There goes our broody boy.

@Sailendranath_Murmu Because you’re precious and for a minute, Cassius forgot he was straight.

@Hamartia_MacGuffin How dare you disrespect Duncan in such a manner? No man or woman or child can ever win him over!


It’s the ‘campfiredays’ chapter…and I hope you are joking…duncan is really something, one of a kind


Can you give me a link to your tumblr or deviantart page? I want to see the character sprites you made, also the red haired guy on your profile is Saren, right? I luv him so much


I had the same problem but with how you pronunce his name; I can’t help but call him Saeran in my head every time


I do that too, I’m like, “Saeran just love me!!!”