Times begin to change the night of your 22nd birthday when your father is murdered by someone you once trusted… and you are forced to flee from your home with nothing and no one but your bodyguard, Thane, in order to survive.

With the kingdom wanting the heads of the heir and their bodyguard, you must flee and keep moving… or so you thought. Not too long after your fleeing, a mysterious network finds you and offers you shelter. A group of peace, this network asks that you train and work with them to build your strengths before making any rash decisions or mistakes…

Yet, how do you know if you can trust these people? After all, you’ve trusted before, only to have that blow up in your face… So now you’ll have to decide if their words are worth any weight, how you will obtain the skills needed to take back your kingdom… and if your heart can handle the truths behind the lies, and if it can rely on another to help you build the air beneath your wings, so to speak.


  • Plenty of Romantic Options to choose from.

  • Genderlocked to female and nonbinary.

  • Story is set in an older fantasy world with some modern and futuristic elements.

  • Heavy romance and fantasy themes

  • Supernatural elements

  • Your decisions matter. Never underestimate what even the simplest choice may do…

  • Optimisable trigger warning system in place

  • Scenes can and will change depending on your romantic interest

Important links:
This is only Prologue-Chapter 1 currently, but I will continue to update it until I feel the demo is complete!

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@anon4518890 That’s because the ones you’ve come across so far are set as male! Not all ros will change their gender.


There will be!

I will add a response to be able to set boundaries with Thane soon! He’d back off real quick if you told him to stop flirting since he doesn’t want to make mc uncomfortable by doing so.


The demo has had a minor update! A change in stats(skills and added a page for relationships which also has their appearances) and added a response for those who don’t want Thane to flirt with them.

A lot about the story is going to change from now on. The story has been reworked and a lot of what I planned has had a complete overhaul including the ROs. The initial post has been changed to reflect what has been decided. Extra information can be found here.

And thank you for the support!


Yes! Dragons will be in the game, but they’ll have a different role than before!


@maixoi That should be fixed now, but the game is now locked to female and non-binary as stated above.

@Marshmallow The new ROs are very interesting indeed.

And thank you so much!!

@Fay Airell will still be in the rewrite! He’s just not a RO anymore.


Still love it ,I noticed that I can ask why can’t I marry airell.it doesn’t black out,I can ask over and over again.del baby here onya comes​:kissing: giving del all her love and kisses for the holidays :smile:

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That should be fixed now!!

So now I’m stuck between Blythe and Ezra for favourite RO. :laughing: Perhaps I shouldn’t have viewed the personalities post yet so there won’t be a battle in my mind.

(Also as an extra note: Merry Christmas everyone hope you all have a wonderful holiday! :relaxed:)


That just means you have more options to choose from when you play! ;3

And Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has/had a wonderful holiday!!


Do you know the manga/anime Akatsuki No Yona? Just by going off of the description/introduction of the game, it kinda feels like it has the same beginning as that anime lol. Now i’m really intrigued and looking forward to playing the demo :smiley:


i also thought of akatsuki no yona lol. airell - suwon (?), thane - hak, mc - yona. Thought i was the only one to notice similarities

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When I see akatsuki, first thing that comes to mind is Itachi

This thread is for Dragon Pact feedback, not a discussion on magna/anime … Please take the Akatsuki No Yona stuff that is off-topic to Pm/elsewhere.



Sorry about that, couldn’t help it. Now on the game itself
Diversity is very good when possible but I think this game doesn’t need to be afraid of what it is meant to be which is a female MC game. I think that’s is what the author had in mind and the demo available is a very beautiful, immersive and promising story when played from the"intended" perspective.
The other option to me just felt like more of an afterthought than an originally planned scenario.

So my two cents advice to the author is this : sometimes one good linear pathway is better than two or more average pathways. Cheers


This seems pretty interesting so far! I’ll have to keep an eye on this one for sure :3

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with news! I’ve reworked what there was of Dragon Pact, so the content that was there is better alongside the added content! I hope everyone enjoys it. :3
I’ve also started chapter 2 and am about 3k words into it.


It is awesome to have you back!