Dragon of Steelthorne (WIP) - 147,000 words, Game is released!

With less than three weeks to the release of Dragon of Steelthorne (btw, you can play the limited version at the Spring Thing, link below, but the best stuff is in the Hosted Games release), I just wanted to make an additional announcement.

Dragon of Steelthorne 2 is about 58k words done. I’m not sure what the final word count will be, but I’m targeting around 150-170k. I’m still deciding on when/how to release the WIP thread, and I’m alternating between writing this and Scarlet Sorceress as a strategy to reduce burnout.

Anyway, I’m creating a poll to get some ideas from the crowd. When do you think will be the best time (2 options max) to create the WIP thread? Does any published author want to share some wisdom?

  • Create the WIP thread for the sequel on the release date.
  • Create the WIP thread for the sequel 1-2 weeks after the release date.
  • Create the WIP thread for the sequel 1 month after the release date.
  • Finish a full draft, then create the WIP thread.
  • Other (Please comment)
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I’m still deciding on future plans for IF comp, so this may or may not be open beta testing.

You can marry the Crown Princess and become the High Sovereign.