Dragon Chronicles WIP



It was weird i had 70 in lair protection and i still got it a lot. lol


I had 70 Protection, and they attempted to break in but never stole anything.


I guess the thief probabillity of entering our lair is random but whether they managed to steal something is depending on our lair protection.


Yep, I might have the break in stat a bit too high, it might need changing :slight_smile:
If anyone’s wondering what the approx stats are if you had lair protection of 70

There’s a little under a 1 in 3 chance (about 30%) that a thief will break in. There’s then a second stat that is also “lair protection” dependant that rolls for if they were successful and how much they manage to steal (for example, once you have it that high (it’s also dependant mainly on your defenses,) there’s only about a 30% chance the thieves will be successful, so between the two stats, unless you’re unlucky they shouldn’t be able to take treasure all that often- the rest of the time they’ll leave empty handed unable to get through the defenses you’ve put around your gold). Still 1 in 3 for break ins might be a bit annoying for seeing that text for the 70% lair protection though, there’s a good chance I will change it to be a bit less harsh as it looks like it’s a problem.

Edit: I’m not sure how clear that was, but without the exact stats/spoilers: The first test decides whether you keep thieves out altogether, the second determines what kind of thief they are and how much treasure they steal. So there’s 3 classes of thieves- beginners, intermediate and skilled. Beginners won’t take much even from unguarded lairs, but skilled thieves will take a lot. But in caves with high defenses beginners won’t be able to take anything at all, and the skilled thieves will only manage a moderate amount. (I may have coded this in a more complicated way than it needed to be.)


How about getting some dragon worshipping cults that would be cool.


That’s probably getting a bit too close to COD (trying not to make a game that has elements that are a copy of it.) I might do something with minions or settlements that pay you tithes if I can get the coding to work though :slight_smile:


I saw it an automatically it drew my attention. Will try to play next time I have a chance! (hopefully early November… )


Wow, hey! I am really enjoying this. I got an error (can’t say where), something like “can’t do percentile on non-fairmath” or some-such. Lucky for me dashingdon has saves :smiley:
You’ve got a much more textually robust approach to randomness than “Bunnies” and it really works.
I also felt some inconsistencies with the “size” descriptions, but that’s easily remedied (or left alone).


Thanks @IBOL17!
Sorry, I thought I had the game crashing bugs out of it at least but looks like I missed some. This game still needs a heap of work.

Do you mean the dragon size, or with the stat sizes?


This game seems pretty good so far! Out of curiosity though, how many randomized events are planned to be in the game?


If i see another bug i will take note. regarding size, i meant the size descriptions of the dragon, akin to a horse , griffin, etc. I’m happy with the stats so far


@IBOL17 Thanks :slight_smile: Yep I can move the descriptions around if they don’t seem right.

@CelestialRaptor I actually have no idea, TBH I wasn’t expecting it to get this much interest, but I’m glad so many people think it might be worth developing into a fully playable game. I was planning on at least doubling the number of random events that are currently in there, but it’s one of those things you could put in as many as you want as they just slot into the story event slots so I could add to it until I’m out of ideas :slight_smile:


OK, hi, i said i’d report it if i found it again…

“line 411: Can’t fairAdd to non-percentile value: 300.85”

It’s when i’m dealing with the goblins, trying to ally them . If it helps to find it, the last line of text on the page is “Good. Until next week then.”

Still enjoying it :wink:


you may be smaller than a horse ,but you are much stronger than any horse also claws and your beak are very effective when combined with an aerial attack




I ment breath but since he was talking about a Griffin I said beak


Thanks @IBOL17! Not sure what I’ve done there, will need to take a look at the code.


Why don’t you add the ability to make armor for dragon (forged armor).


If it is not too much trouble could you make it so our dragon can also choose a dragon knight to serve or ally with? I would like to see that bonding ritual from the dragon’s perspective instead of from the rider’s.


Thanks for the ideas @Tylar11021 I’ll see if I can work something in that fits with the rest of the game :slight_smile: