Dragon age can you answer my question?


I have a question about DA:I

I been pulling my hair out, because I have beaten both dragon ages a bunch of times on the Xbox 360 and I only own the 360 and I don’t have online and I do know how the import system works with the keep, but

I was searching on the internet and it said that the keep was web based soooo

does that mean it will only work for people who have internet or online or What ? :-/

I do know that for keep you opt in your decisions.

I know this maybe not the best place to get answers but why not try right.


I believe Inquisition will be on the 360 when it comes out, So you may directly import the save files. the web import function may be for the 360 to one or ps3 to ps4.


I am a ultra hardcore dragon age fan, so I could help you.
Not believe @DarkQWing post, the game would be cross gen would be released 18 Nov North America 20 in Europe Australia. NO SAVE DATA COULD BE DIRECT IMPORT TO INQUISITION. THE DRAGON KEEP A NEW WEB WOULD BE USED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN +300 CHOICES OF BOTH GAMES AND DLC. IF YOU DON’T USE KEEP A DEFAULT WORLD WILL BE ADRESED . Keep would be available in October. Please ask all you want to know


You don’t have to use your console to load keep. You could use a phone tablet PC whatever and only connected once your console to load data if you don’t have an internet for your xbox use someones xbox to do it and save the game in a USB drive plug in in your console.


So I should create a account for the keep like now though my iPod or tablet like now

So for example I go on someone else’s online account (Xbox 360) with a USB drive plug save then put into mine and it should continue for mine then right is that what your saying


keep isnt open yet, you have to sign up for beta & wait for thier email letting you know if you are able to


The beta is not needed, but you have to login origin in October to use it so do an origin account . Also a new feature. If you see the last gamescom trailer enemy of thedas appear Hawke in 1:27 well Keep wont let you custom appearance at least for launch so they made them if you log your saves on origin account the image or something similar would appear in the game. But the saves couldn’t be imported directly new engine don’t allow that. I know is confusing lol.


wonder if we will meet other past party members, i would love to know what happened with Ogren & Felsi, Sigrun, & sandal


Sandal is in game confirmed. Almost confirmed my most loved gay couple ever Herran the smith, there were funny tweets about them at the beginning of development of game. And about others no clue could be due wardens are a main faction


Ogren’s gotta be in there. He’s the comedic relief we need while dragonslaying


Mike Laidlaw has said “We wont bring characters because are fan favorites, we only would bring back characters than fit in the story”


i agree @that1german, both me & my nephew were in tears when he went on the rant about the dog taking his pants


Awwe. Well let’s hope he fits into the plans then lol


Yeah i like ogren. But i want shale :(( In the books She is in Orlais helping mage due she wants not only become a squishy flesh thing , the main fact is She was helping Winne her great friend sadly she is not in gane for NOW ( so sadly probably a Shale dlc).
But what you people think about yesterday origin, background to the Council. I dont like the fact human is a noble from the free march state of Oswitch (the chantry kiss ass state)


Herren and Wade were confirmed to not be returning a long time ago sadly


Oh, but they made jorkes about them . So maybe they are.remember we return Denerim


Ah all this talk of change, whoo! Can somebody PM me with all the new updates for DAI or go to my thread? Haven’t been on the internet for three months…


Yeah the topic did change but I have no problem with since my answer was answered you guys can continue if you want

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Thank you

Also if anyone wants a good YouTube channel for dragon age it’d be ladyinsanity


@ricepatrick182 i am listening to ashe in the background as im cruising the net