Drag Star! — Slay the catwalk on TV’s hottest drag competition!

Drag contests are not political it is far from choice of games making a political statement to release a game that in real life is 100% for entertainment value. Adding LGBT ace non binary people wasn’t political we exist in real life therefore deserve to play in games especially ones centered around self insert. There were plenty of choice of games however where you the “hero” had to make political choices that had far reaching consequences of entire species, villages, of people heck even the world. Drag star wasn’t great imo but far from a political statement. Don’t like drag? Do not read it. Plain and simple. It’s so stupid how cog makes these games that have shown you how to use or not use empathy, compassion, your moral compass and this is the game that bothers people!? Absolutely stupid.


Ehhhh, well, they can be. But I get your point otherwise.


Sorry if this is the wrong place. Couldn’t be sure where to put it. Earlier this week I submitted a game breaking bug on Drag Star. How long do they usually take to be fixed? I literally bought the game, did one move and now it’s broken with no fix.

You won’t get much other than speculation here. If you’ve already emailed support@choiceofgames all you can really do is wait.


Appreciate the response. :slight_smile: Thank you.


have you played it since? yesterday an update hit it on gps, maybe it covered that?


We didn’t get your email. Maybe it was caught in our spam filter. Our support staff did not forward it to me or the author.

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Hi, this is my first time posting to the forum, so bear with me if this isn’t the right category and I’m totally messing this up or something, lol. Anyways, I’m totally in love with Drag Star and have played it through multiple times, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to win Most Congenial or Fan Favorite. (I also have yet to get one of the hidden achievements – I already got the hidden “Get Sober” one, so it’s whatever the other one is).

Does anyone have any tips on what specific options I should be choosing or what skills I should build my character toward to get either of these? Thanks!

You’ll find wisteria and a whitewashed fence
Monogamy and benevolence in Renton
You’ll find no cruisey parks or bathhouses
In Renton we’re all meek as mouses…

Uh Uh child you don’t insert Shock Treatment into Rocky Horror darling that aint how the game is played.

hah- guess fashionably late as an excuse won’t work in my favor this time.

anywho. this game was just amazing!! the witty narrator comments here and there, and how each character was different yet just as interesting… I may be in love. reality TVs really stress me, so I wasn’t sure about this one but I’m very glad I decided to check it out.

the lack of romance kinda made me feel… bit sad, but I think it’s pretty understandable considering how exhausting the show must have been for the characters for them to have time and think about love. but good god, I really loved scandal! something about him was just, fascinating? I also liked st sebastian but well, yk how they turned out to be. also the judges! ahh, I loved all three of them especially and the other guests as well.

I am a little unfamiliar about drag (although an lgbt myself.) but tbh, this inspired me to do some more research! I really hope you’re staying safe out there.

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I just played this book for the first time and loved it. The ending kinda hints a a possible sequel any news on that?

Here is a quote from Mary Duffy:

Though with that said, i would be happy if Evan, the author, would make a sequel/prequel. If not, i would love to read more stories about the Drag Star!-verse whether it would be about the other contestants, or the other seasons. (if i remember correctly, the MC participated in the eighth season and the All-Stars season is the tenth.)