Dracken Game Idea


I was thinking of making a game wherein the MC is a emeber of the fictional Dracken species. Drackens come in two types: Doms and Submissives. Usually females are submissives and male are dominates, but there are a few male subs and female doms. This game would be inspired by The Rise of Drackens on Fanfiction.net. You, the player, will be able to pick the gender and what type of Dracken your MC is. You can pick what color their wings are.(Subs have white wings. When they mate they pick up whatever colors their mates have.)
I may have Harry Potter in this game.


Sounds pretty cool! I’m going to read the fanfic now. How exactly will Harry potter work in this?


Harry’ll be the teacher for the MC. Newly reveled sub Drackens get an elder sub Advisor when they get their mates.

I’m thinking that our MC would be fairly powerful like Harry and so they would have to have more than one mate in their mateship.


Are you actually planning to make this or did you post claiming you were trying to in order to get around my previous note to you?


It’s a good idea nonetheless, but be careful to how you write it ok :smile:


Well I certainly not playing a game first thing say is FEMALE =SUBMISIVE MALE = DOMINANT I mean a game centered in old machists concepts borderline sadomasochism bondage. I wish you luck.


Well Mara, you might be pleased to know that from my google searching, Harry Potter (yep that Harry Potter) is the first male submissive, so men can be submissive too! And he has like five different mates, and he gets pregnant and has dragon babies, lots and lots of dragon babies!

Ah fanfiction…


We don’t need this. We already have the Gor series and Gorean subculture. Where’s the dominant females? The dominant nbs?

Dominant men over women culture is just so boring and overdone as a power fantasy, not to mention rather disgusting in how it portrays cis women (let alone trans women!).

You know where I can see the effects of that kind of male power fantasy? Outside.


Gross. Fairy what are you reading something like that… flurry animals orgies!! I am not fan of that lol.


I did a google search to see what The Rise of Drackens was. And I regretted it!

I think in the Dracken series it’s lots of dragon-men dominating Harry Potter…


It’s probably not a male power fantasy there.


Talk me about that… Mara you cant say that to a boy you have to wait they choose you… woman has to wait. Only whores propose to boys… blah blah blah… Bullshit. If I like someone I tell him directly. I am not shy and Hell I AM NOT SUBMISSIVE. And still being a girl not a weirdo



Well apart from the Harry Potter, I mean.


I think there are a lot of male with domination fantasies over other male. Like I am alpha and dominates everything I am the king… i dont know I dont like those stuff due my background.


Generally speaking stories like that are written by women. So, you’re usually not speaking of cis male power fantasies.


It’s true. But there are some weirdly erotic cis male on male stories that have nothing to do with romance… Anyway this game doesn’t sound like my cup of tea…


Not mine either. But I found gross furries and a degrading of the animals. They cant consent so used them for sexual fantasies for me is wrong and tasteless . However I like Life of a Dragon it is great and a child could read it And there is no gross orgies and male birth other male dragons and weird stuff


My heartfelt thanks for stopping me from asking Google what that was. I’m sorry you had to see that, but try to take some solice from all the people on the forum you have saved from the same fate :no_mouth:



Thats happen for being curious. My motto is i something had a title who could be used for hentai furries lovers just dont click it and let it far. Thats why I had never enter before in the furry babies thread


I’m offended, Mara. /s :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, though? Furries aren’t attracted to animals, but rather they identify with animalistic traits. They’re more likely to be the kind who like catgirls from anime, Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls, or things like werewolf fiction. If the animal isn’t sentient and humanoid it’s not usually under the “furry” category.