Double command on the same line

Hi guys. So, as the title says, i was wondering if it’s possible to code two commend on the same line.

I was thinking something like that:

  *selectable_if / hide_reuse #Choice option
    *goto label
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I’m not exactly sure how to do this but the closest thing to this is the and/or command.

  *selectable_if ((blah) and (blah))
  *selectable_if ((blah) or (blah))

But I do believe you could do something like this if this isn’t possible like

*create random false

  *if (random = false) #choice 
   *set random true

It would make it disappear once the player chooses it but remember to always have a way out or you’ll get the no selectable choice error.


*label random

  *if (random = false) #choice 
   *set random true
   *goto random

  #a choice that lets you move on
   *goto someplace else

That seems awfully messy if you do not mind me saying. If you are going about selectable_if but need multiple var’s required to select a choice. It can be done easily. An example on my end would be.

*selectable_if ((strength > 10) and (hassword = 0)) #Smash the window with your elbow, and charge at the Demon with your bare hands, your fists will speak your strength!

If you’re looking to hide reuse, the simplest way would be to put command *hide_reuse right under the label you created, per example.

label Test123
         #Choice 1
             *goto label2
         #Choice 2
             *goto label2

Another example that i use on my end to go to certain things is relying on if and elseif.

*if (partner = "Lilian")
    *goto chapter5lilianfarewell
*elseif (partner = "Estrella")
    *goto chapter5ending1

Not sure if i got what you meant right, sad to say English is not my primary language. Hopefully, my example was of some use to you.

   *hide_reuse *selectable_if (cond.) #option


   *disable_reuse *selectable_if (cond.) #option

Disable/hide reuse always comes first.


This pops a question on my side, if you do not mind.

Disable and Hide Reuse, pretty much ends in same. If you hide reuse, it hides the choice after you click it, provided you are returned to lable containing more choices. For example.

*label test
*hide reuse
      *goto label test
      *goto label test
   *goto label finishedwithexample

It makes the choice invisible once you are back on the same label that has multiple choice offers, meaning you can not use it again.

However disable…what, disables it altogether ? Making it greyed out…is that the only difference? And in such case, is it not less messy to use *hide_reuse in case you have MANY options under single label…make it more clear, if you are forced to return under same label, per say… a label that offers you answers to clicked questions. And after question is answered you are returned to same label with other questions you can click. ?

It’s a stylistic choice. With disable reuse, you’re allowing your players to see what options they’ve picked. It can give the sense of expanse if you have a lot of option that needs to be cleared out before moving to next scene, while hide reuse can give the sense of rush or time limit.

On the other hand, I might not want to disable/hide all options I give to my player, especially when it comes to the “hub” choice (which is what you probably meant with a *choice under a label) where I want players to review a same choice in case they missed something.


That is actually a good advice. Thank you.

Hey guys thanks for your replies. @Szaal 's suggestion worked perfectly. Thank you

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The wiki will always be a handy place if you need any quick references or if you forget something.

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