Doomsday on Demand. Need help for my unknown last achievement

So, there are 28 achievements in Doomsday on Demand and i manage to find 27. I wonder what achievement left that i haven’t got yet. Anyone help pls.

This is a list of 27 achievements i have found. Spoiler Alert

Birthday!: Today is your 12th birthday. What could go wrong? (10 points)
New people.: Meet Ivan and Carl. (10 points)
Intimidating.: Threaten Ivan to kill him the first day. (25 points)
Friendship with Bradley: Pick Bradley as your best friend. (20 points)
Friendship with Abbie: Pick Abbie as your best friend. (20 points)
New guy.: Meet Malcolm and Ryan. (10 points)
Goal to find your parents: Set your goal to find your parents. (20 points)
Goal to find a safe place: Set your goal to find a safe place. (20 points)
Goal to kill Ivan: Set your goal to kill Ivan. (20 points)
Saviour of Malcolm: Save Malcolm from the Slimer. (20 points)
Saviour of Ryan: Save Ryan from the Wack. (20 points)
A rough start.: Meet Lizzie. (10 points)
Find your father.: Complete your goal of finding your parents. (25 points)
Thief: Steal Lizzie’s knife. (20 points)
Murderer: Kill Carl. (20 points)
A promise is a promise…: Kill Ivan as promised. (20 points)
Still a saviour.: Help Carl escape. (20 points)
A friend in need…: Save Lizzie. (25 points)
A friend in need…: Let Lizzie die. (25 points)
Safe.: Find a safe place, where no harm can find you. (20 points)
Dive.: Ending 1 - Live a rich, problem-free life with the Dives. (30 points)
Co-Leader.: Ending 2 - Rule a democratic Arkadios with Ryan. (30 points)
Safe in the mountains.: Ending 3 - Live peacefully with Lizzie after destroying the district. (30 points)
Alone.: Ending 4 - Fend for yourself on your own. (30 points)
Dead.: Ending 5 - Death. (30 points)
Leader.: Ending 6 - Lead Arkadios and the district in an autocratic way with Ivan. (30 points)
End Of Journey.: Finish the game. (50 points)

I can’t help you with your achievement but to make your post a spoiler you have to put [ spoiler ] without the spaces behind your spoiler alert and then [/ spoiler ] between the achievement lost and your edit (without the spaces)
Hope that helps :blush:

how to get end 1 and 5?

Report To Ivan Every Time