Doomsday on demand help


I can’t get the option to warn Carl about Ivan’s plan I have Carl’s reputation at 23 and Ivan’s at 9 I need help


You have to respect Carl and when Ivan tells you to put a bullet in his head accept the missions but when you get into his room they give you the option to warn to him rather then kill him


I know but my opinion is blanked out


Simple… You need to have 25 Carl’s reputation or more.


Long story short: Don’t answer back at him or get smartass-y. Just agree with what he says, obey him, tell him what he wants to know and all that jazz


What game is this one


Doomsday on demand it has a great story


I like to be a smart ass and ivan likes that so I guess I’ll shut my mouth


If I want to do the same do I need to restart the story so I could warn him later?