Doodleverse (WIP) 8/11/16

Dear Imaginary Friend,

Congratulations you are now an official imaginary friend, created by the wild fiery imagination of a small child. You have quite a journey before you, one that you will shape along with your child’s. But heed this warning new friend, your decisions, all of them will affect you and your child and how others view you. You will watch your child grow, perhaps into a bully or a charming popular kid, or even a loner who wants nothing but to curl up with a good book. Go on adventures in the dream world known as Doodleverse, a world of endless imagination and your home. From climbing mountains and racing others on clouds to finding buried treasure and learning valuable lessons.

Will you be courageous or timid, a bully or a scaredy cat? Will adults think you a helpful presence or one that needs to be replaced. Will other children think of you and see a fearsome creature or a friendly and cuddly one?

You will face many challenges and decisions that you will feel are unfair and quite impossible to make. Everything you do will have consequences, good and bad, long and short term. Only you can decide where your journey will take you and your kid. So good luck!

The Darkness

Link to the Game

So this is a side project that I begun to give myself a break from my other almost finished WIP. This is meant to be a lighthearted game, nothing overly serious or anything. My friends who played for interest reasons asked these questions the most so I decided to answer them right off the back. Free free to ask me any questions as well.

Does the imaginary creature have a gender?
The imaginary creature does not have a gender. Instead it is referred to as friend, buddy, it, and other words that aren’t placed with a specific gender pronoun.

I wasn’t able to choose a color or an extra for my creature but it says that I did?
Some of the creatures only come in one color and already come with an extra, for example the griffin has wings, so it’s not a choice. But there are other areas further in game that allows you to.

Isn’t Scaredy Cat and Timid the same thing?
Yes, and no. In this case because Scaredy Cat is being compared to Big Bully, it’s not the same. Scaredy Cat means you aren’t one to get into fights and you back down, less injury and trouble. It also means you have the power of persuasion and can talk your way out of situations. So Scaredy Cat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Timid, takes on more of a less adventurous and wary of challenges meaning here.

So no one can see me?
In the real world only imaginary creatures can and they can indeed talk and mess with you. But when you go to the Doodleverse, others can see you as well, children and their creatures.

How long is this story?
Right now I’m looking for it to all be ten chapters long. Each chapter will have a different issue to address and mostly be strictly about that issue with other minor issues as well.

Sincerely the Darkness? What!
It will all make sense when you read it . . . I hope.

Anything you want feed back with?
Any type of feedback is appreciated. Since this is an imagination based game, I wanted to give a good amount of creativity to the reader but still keep the coding not extremely difficult. So with that said if you guys think of anything you would like to see or something you would want change, I’d love to hear (as long as it’s not extreme story altering).

I do not know my updating frequency but updates won’t be minor. They’ll be chapter completions. Also whenever this thing stops letting me edit it, I will just post comments about the updates, instead of changing the title.

8/11/16: Posted with Prologue done and Chapter One halfway done.

Thank you!


I loved this wip. I just remembered of my childhood and how I was a very reserved child and I even had an imaginary friend. So much memories… :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely follow this wip.


It looks really cool so far. I like that you can customize your creature’s appearance to some extent.

I’m a dinosaur, so I’ve decided that I’ll look like a Deinonychus.


You should add the option to look like a fat man in a track suit with a rabbits head

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I think this game has a lot of potential and I hope to see it progress.

as of this moment, the issue I see is ${mc=heshe} not being used correctly … a lot of pronouns switch in the writing sometimes even in the same paragraph.

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And that’s the biggest issue I’m having, it’s working out on some cases but remembering to add ${he} instead of he and the fact that sometimes the she pronouns don’t always match up with the he one’s right.


Such a nice start! I am imagining the MC as a blanket ghost with a witch’s hat :grinning:

I am looking forward to seeing the relationship between the child and MC grow, although after watching Inside Out, I am already bracing for bittersweet events :cry:

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Finally,a story where I can prance about as a black ghost with bat minions!

Jokes aside,this is a pretty good story.

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I haven’t watched Inside Out but I’m interested in your thoughts. So exactly what bittersweet events are you thinking of lol?

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My guess is, Bing Bong. Lets just hope this story doesn’t end that way


I just love the fact I can basically be Pugsey from Children in Need. Yellow Bear with Eyepatch for the win.

The bittersweet event is related to a particular character, namely…

SPOILERS Bing Bong is an imaginary friend to a kid (Riley), and sacrificed himself to save another main protagonist in the movie that is important to Riley, despite himself locked in Riley’s memory due to her growing up. In the end, he vanished and forever forgotten by Riley

SPOILER Bing bong is a possible emotion called passion. I say this because of you look at his flower it has the colour of the other emotions so green, purple, blue, yellow and red then their is orange so it is possible he could be the 6th emotion which is orange which is a mixture of red and yellow, which is a mixture of joy and anger and from joy and anger you get passion. Though he is mainly pink, he does have orange stripes on his legs so he could be a representative of passion, also he is has a passion.towards Riley from when he played with her, and he sacrificed himself for the sake of Joy getting back to headquarters for the sake of Riley being happy again. You can see where I’m comming from right?
I think too much about films, don’t judge me :sweat_smile:


Oh I heard about him and saw the scene but since I never seen the movie, I had no clue what was going on. That makes sense now.

/sits quietly in regards to your MC’s fate/

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eh, I think too much for what has become unhealthy and then my brain hurts afterwards :smile:.

pls mate let me be a dragon


Hmm . . . I didn’t even think of that as a friend, I’ll probably add it.

Very creative premise (no pun intended). I like it. I wouldn’t even mind if this became more than a side project once you finish your other WIP.


The kid is a girl. So some he/she swapping issues.

If you can include a Purple Dragon option where I can name him Lockheed I would love this! :smiley:

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