Don't Stay in School


I watched a Youtube video today and I wanted to know what everyone thought about it.

I watched it expecting it to be similar to other nonsense that has been produced in the past but I find myself agreeing with a lot of points he has made.

The music is not for me though. :slight_smile:

What Frustrates You Big Time?

He does make some points I agree with expect the ones about health. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s probably the subject that’s drilled into our heads the most.


thank you, i just posted this video on facebook, lets see how fast this goes around and how many people demand change from the schools and have kids learn things they want to learn and not have useless knowledge shoved down their throats


I want to learn biology, science, math (not this stuff that im never going to use AT ALL, we’re not all einsteins ya know), world affairs, and basic first aid/survival skills.

Who cares about something that happend 10000-1000 years ago? Some people may, but how is it useful to me?


Personally, I think it’s best that people receive some sort of basic education in many areas, even history. I think it’s something important to know about, even if you may not use it. I find it really close-minded that people don’t want to at least hear about the events that have shaped the present.

I really do agree with the message of the song, knowing common sense things is more immediately important than a lot of what kids are learning now, but I also don’t think it’s either-or. Kids are perfectly able to learn about balancing checkbooks along with the quadratic formula. xP


Thanks, now i have to type with one hand because i bit into the other to avoid calling you out on something that would get me swarmed by the mods.


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I don’t really care about events that shaped history, if I wanted to know something, I’d look it up on the internet for history,

1.Someone that does not try to view something in the opposite way. close-minded is when you beleive in something or in someone and your mind will stay closed to that beleive and will not even try to acknoledge it."

Ignore that this was probably made by a person who can’t spell, but if someone could tell me a logical reason for why I should know that I’d probably change it or if its not logical tell you why. I don’t care much for history. Oh this happened in Rome 1800 years ago? Why should I care? I’m not interesting in that thing, I don’t understand why I should be forced to learn it.


Everyone has to do things they don’t want to, and school really just prepares kids for this… part of being ‘educated’ is having general knowledge about a wide range of subjects. I don’t mean you have to know everything about every time period in history. If you have interest in it, you can take a more detailed class. But general world history is important because the effect of things that happened back then can still be seen today. If you happen to be interested, you can take a class about it. Until then, you open yourself up to the subject and maybe you’ll like it, and if not, at least you have some knowledge of it.

I think one of the main purposes of school to have kids learn different things so they can discover what they like to learn and are good at. Learning vocational stuff, current events, and things you actually like is definitely very important, but along with that students should study a variety of things. Idk, this is just a personal belief of mine, and you can certainly think otherwise.


the main point of this debate is to point out the fact that not every subject will be needed, does one need to know advanced math to be able to do coding on a computer in order to make online RPGS, or make new storygames on this site?


History can give you an understanding of politics, of cause and effect, of where we came from. History is all about the stories. Knowing history gives you a foundation which can help you write and understand stories, which can help you create Choice of Games.

Choice of Rebels, for instance, is heavily influenced by history. It’s a great game. It wouldn’t be so great if Havenstone wasn’t aware of history though.

Game of Thrones is heavily influenced by history. History is a foundation that can be built upon. It is a place from which you can pull all sorts of fun ideas for writing about. History in school should give you the basic tools so you can learn about history yourself, and analyse it on your own, to be able to research it if you’re interested, and question aspects of it.


I would rather read about most of these events than stand in a one hour class. Oh yeah, another bad part of school, I can usually do stuff a lot higher than my grade level and I am stuck listening to the teacher explain this stuff. I’d rather read about it rather than being stuck for people to finish this. I find comfort and books and would like to read them instead of listening to these 1 hour lectures. They cover almost EVERY subject if not all and I could still take quizzes and stuff with the knowledge I learned from these books and if it’s too low lecture time I guess. You’re forced into this, so if you don’t like it, too bad. I can read anything yet I am forced to sit and listen to these long lectures. I don’t like this learning style and it annoys me and i’m pretty sure I could comprehend stuff better and not get stuck if I read a book on the matter too. The internet is also a very good way to study, however (for some reason) it’s not allowed. Could be supervised or occasionaly glanced on to make sure you’re doing it, but no lectures the way to go right? Not really.

And on the history matter, I’m not just judging it on the fact I think it’s boring, i’ve done it before, and don’t like it. I know basic history (a bit) and thats all that really matters. If it does. To which I don’t think it does usually.

@Zeke I agree 100% with you and the video, advanced math like he pointed out in the video? How am I going to need that in real life, and if so how am I going to find OUT I need it to solve something?

Another issue is learning stuff you already know, homeschooling is the best, but what if your parents won’t let you? It’s really annoying to know most stuff you’re going over and really boring.

I remember learning about limericks in 4th grade. Good thing I don’t care about Poems! What a waste of time for something i’ll never do.

Art, Music, and many other things are something I hate, yet am forced to do in school, because apparently knowing how to make 3 dimensional shapes and stuff like that is important. Am I ever going to do art again for a practical use? No, why do I spend 1 hour or more a week being forced to do it?


This is where research comes in handy, I do things I am interested in or stuff like that, I research it to get the facts and stuff, it’s not boring because I love reading about it and i’m very interested in it. I have learned about history and I do have basic tools, why am I learning it more? I’m not interested and I don’t know why I should be forced to learn something I’m not interested and doesn’t go along with what I have planned for my life. I will research if I find it interesting or want to.

School could be greatly improved, but we’re stuck with this.


oh man. Change in the school systems teachings? They can’t afford to change lunch. I would not be expecting any wide and dramatic change in the school systems for the foreseeable future. Best buckle up and ride it out is my only advice.


I’d say that just about any subject could be useful for the creation of story games.

You need to be able to understand maths in order to deal with stats and fair-math, and that sort of thing. With more complicated math you can do more complex calculations. Maths also teaches logical thought, being able to look at things logically, and to work out solutions, well that’s good for also working out where you went wrong with your code and puzzling through it to fix it.

I studied computing some 20 years ago. The computers I studied on no longer exist, the computing languages I used are obsolete, we didn’t even have the internet in my school. But when I started working on writing my first choice game I was actually surprised that the methods of planning, of how to write pseudo-code, of how to logically organise everything, those basic techniques were actually useful.

There’s knowledge you learn in school that will come in useful at the oddest of times. Of course there’s also stuff that’s useless, like those programming languages I actually used, but it’s not all bad.

@CatRaider See, what I’m saying is history teaches you the practical skills to study history yourself, alongside teaching you actual history. I don’t know, why are you learning it more? Can you drop the classes? Or if you do have the skills it should be an easy class to pass, right?


True. It’ll come back to bite us one day, lol.



Easy Grade; but boring and something I don’t care about. It also doesn’t have anything to do with “my” life. I learn about stuff I like, I like CERTAIN parts of history and would like to learn about them. I would like to learn more about skills and knowledge I want, or think I will want. But usually this isn’t taught or if it is is taught in short periods and most life skills are left out. I don’t like this “preparing” for life. A lot of useless stuff is added and a lot of useful stuff is left out.


@Cat_Raider, I felt the same about learning Latin. But its just something you have to do. Unless you plan on starting a revolution I’m sad to say that your only choice is to just accept that you’re gonna have to do some boring stuff in school. And while I wish @FairyGodFeather was able to make schools the centre of opportunity and learning that we’d like it to become it sadly isn’t meant to be. Trust me I know the feeling of skyrocketing ahead of the other students and are stuck waiting for them. For learning what you want to then I’d suggest start looking into good colleges. That’s when you get more liberty in what you’re studying.


Right. Once you more or less learn the basics of something, I think it’s perfectly logical to give students the option to choose what specific classes they want to study, with some guidelines attached.

And yes, preparation for a career really should include every day stuff you need to know as well. And a lot of it. Accounting, tax preparation, communication, learning about buying homes and taking out loans, etc. For now, I agree with @Razgriz. You’ll probably have to get through it and take the initiative to pay for a few classes on these subjects, not necessarily in college but wherever they’re offered. That’s just how it is right now. ):


The whole point of the video and topic is to make people reliaze we need to be able to take classes on this ;-;.


It’s rather funny how things can change in just a few generations. Not too long ago, there were people who had to fight for their rights to go to school and learn what this video says is useless.

It is NOT useless at all. Sure, it may not be very relevent to people who have a job that doesn’t even rely on history, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. What about the people who have a job that relies on it? Plus, without math, do you think we would have computers? If what I remember from history is correct, the first (almost)computer was a simple calculator.

Also… Accounting and tax preparation… Guess what you’d have to know? Math. Communication? Language. Buying homes? You’d probably learn about past buyer/seller markets and read about people’s past experiances(history!).

Don’t think I’m saying schools shouldn’t offer more, though. My school was so small and barely had anything(each grade was one classroom big and our highschool basketball team was grades 7-12). It didn’t have what most other schools have, but I feel that schools should cater more to individual learning speeds/styles and offer at the very least after school classes of practical living knowledge for anyone, not just those with good grades.

By the way, who else thinks a gamebook about an elite elevator school that caters to individual students and offers any kind of class(including ‘head start’ collage classes) would be fun to play?