Don't Look Back (The Walking Dead discussion)


So, with three episodes left this season, things are heating up. There has been good times and bad times, but they’ve been through it all. Feel free to talk about anything The Walking Dead related, but please, before discussing a recent episode, leave a spoiler alert.

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I know that there is something ip with Terminus because, like I said, they tried too hard to get people. Then, the only person they saw WAS Mary. Ok so here is the big bomb drop!

Remember when Michonne found the pictures in the house that her and Carl raided? Well, after watching the last episodes like a hundred times looking for something that would hint something, I found something. One of the pictures had sunflowers on it, and sunflowers were shown for a small second when the first group arrived. Then, there was ANOTHER picture with a woman on it. It looked like Mary, the lady they met at Terminus. Ok, so these point to the ideas of cannibalism. In the comics, there was a group called the Hunters, and they put Rick through heck. They were cannibals. So, as we have learned, in the recent episodes, the Walking Dead has leaned more on the comics this season. Notice that there were LARGE slabs of meat on Mary’s grill. So, with all that being said, is Terminus the show’s way of depicting the infamous Hunters?


@Doctor If Rick makes it there. I’m sure someone on the road will die. Particularly my money is on Rick. The Marauders want him dead and are after him. Carol, Carl, or Daryl are other possibilities but someone will die.

@zolo999 that was my first theory but I think that Terminus is bad news either way. I’m sure the Hunters are involved with Terminus and will appear but I’m not sure Terminus is it.

@WubWub117 I’m interested! I haven’t had opportunities to watch it live so I would appreciate it.


is this for the game or the tv show… because i know for a fact that the game only has 3 eps left… and it can also be the same for the show

nvm… the fact that you said "recent episode “S” " makes it obvious cause there is only one recent ep in the game because the producing time is about 2 months


This is for both, but mostly for the series because there is another discussion about the game I think, and there are now 2 episodes left this season(show)


well i still on season 4… it’s on season 5 now … right?



It was a real tear jerker tonight.


But there is already another walking dead 2 thread lol, this haven´t sense at all :-??


@MaraJade As was stated above this focuses on the show. *Spoilers*

These past three episodes are by far the best done episodes to date. The back half of this season is the best thing that’s happened for the Walking Dead by far. Lizzie deserved what she got she was crazy. I was sitting there screaming “Crazy”. I’m not surprised at all on what happened. Just like the comics. :slight_smile:


@spydfox259 SPOILERS!!!

Yeah, I read that in the comics. Surprisingly, before Lizzie got shot, when she was playing with the zombies and feeding it, I was like, “If that was me, she’d be dead.”, but when she was about to get shot I was screaming, “DON’T PULL THAT TRIGGER!”


@WubWub117 *Spoilers*

It definitely will define Carol and Tyreese from here on out. It’s a traumatic experience for them to go through. Can’t wait for the final two. It’s all gonna happen. I have a feeling Daryl is with the Marauder from the comics. If that is the case things will be intense.


Right, most people was shocked that Tyreese forgave Carol, but it’s in his nature. That teaser for the next episode on Talking Dead was amazing! That guy is messing with the wrong one.


i personally think terminus is a cannibal town.


@WubWub117 I wasn’t surprised either. Can’t wait for the final episode.

I don’t trust Terminus but I think they (or as far as I know just Mary) are the least of the concerns next week. The big question though, where are the people?


I think TERMINUS is probably going to break off another peice of Rick’s mind and flush it down the crapper. Dain Bramage, we’re coming back!

… And why would someone enter this thread if they don’t want spoilers?


Right, guess we can drop the spoiler thing, finally!
@spyfox259 and @Doctor
I really think something is up with Terminus because firstly, they seemed to try TOO hard to get more survivors. Most groups of survivors be like, “UGH! That’s more mouths to feed!” Secondly, what’s with the beat up Rick at the teaser for the next episode, and if you listened hard during that part, I could’ve sworn I heard, “Those who arrive survive.” Oooh, can’t wait for the finale!

P.S. I’ll try to put the little Fantasy Sweepstakes words on here, just in case someone is interested.


From the trailers, Rick not only looked messed up physically, but also very mush mentally, the way he was kind of quivering his entire body. I, at first at least, got the impression this woman was preforming experiments on them, of course I was playing Resident Evil just before watching it so…

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I have a friend whose been thinking the same thing. He reads the comics and I told him not to spoil it for me because apparently he has a bit more insight having read the comics before the show and stuff like that. I just wanna say… I hope someone finds Beth. I feel like everyone’s worrying about Terminus and I’m the only one thinking about her kidnapping. SO yeah…



You do realise that Rick is THE Main Character right? The odds are him dying is non existent.


@Nocturnal_Stillness Have you heard the spoiler about someone not dead in the comics will die in season 4 and likely from the first season as that was another spoiler I heard. Robert Kirkman said it will be unexpected. Michonne, Maggie, Carl, and Rick. Are candidates in this but if we include season one leaves Rick or Carl and I think it’s Rick.

I think Beth was kidnapped by the hunters. Could be Terminus but I doubt it. They do pray on the weak and Beth hurt herself.