Don't know how to fix startup line error

The problem I have is when I get to a certain choice within another choice, it only says “startup line 132: Expected choice body” I looked at others and I didn’t know how to fix my problem based on the others.

Here is the entire section in question (sorry if it is too long or too messy. I’m pretty new at this):

  #Yes, of course! A code 3 is an emergency!
   You turn your sirens on and floor it to the location.
   You Slam the breaks and get out of the car, whip out your police issued pistol, and go to an officer
   on scene.
   "We have 3 guys on ground level, 2 on the overhead, and at least 4 in the basement dealing with the vault.
   We have reason to believe that they have taken several hostages. Get out there and help smoke 'em out!"
   You look up to see some cover. What do you go to?
    #Stay behind the police car.
     You don't move. You can't see the top two but you can see the three on the ground floor. Who do you
     aim for?
     *temp pillarGuyDead 0
     *temp pillarGuy2Dead 0
     *temp counterGuyDead 0
     *label killBank
      *selectable_if (pillarGuyDead = 0) #Take some shots at the guy with the tommy gun behind a pillar.
       You fire three rounds, one hits the guys arm and temperarily stops shooting. Your gun jams and someone
       else takes the shot and kills him. You Unjam the gun.
       *set pillarGuyDead 1
       *goto killBank
      *selectable_if (pillarGuy2Dead = 0) #You take aim at the guy behind a different pillar.
       You take aim and wiat for him to pop out to fire at you. He pops his head out and you fire. He falls
       over dead with a bullet hole in his head. You got him.
       *set pillarGuy2Dead 2
       *goto killBank
      *selectable_if (counterGuyDead = 0) #Aim at the person firing behind the tellar desk.
       His body is too well defended for you to shoot. He only exposes his hands when he blindly fires at you.
       You catch him when he peaks his head up and you relesase 3 bullets. He falls over. Dead.
       *set counterGuyDead 1
       *goto killBank
    #Rush over to the half wall next to the door and duck.
    #I don't go anywhere. I just run in and start shooting everyone I see shootin' at me.
     You run in and the other officers look at you thinking you're crazy. The moment you kill one guy,
     the other 4 pop up and riddle you with bullets and you die. This was a terrible idea. Why the hell did you think
     that would work?
    #I vault over the broken window and hide behind a pillar.
  #No, the chief wouldn't care if I did take this, but he would prefer me to focus on my current case.
   You don't go.
   *goto postChoice
*label postChoice

If you need more information i will try to provide it. Thank you in advance

After the option #I vault over the broken window and hide behind a pillar. there’s no body. Where is that supposed to go?

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Oh, right. Sorry, I was focused on everything else and didn’t notice that. Thank you