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Now, the interesting part is why is Paul so desperate for others to like him. Is is because it makes it easier for him to hunt? Does he long to be human? Or is is … something else?

Actually, have Paul and Richard ever regretted turning into a vampire?

And I might need a tip or two regarding to chapter 7b, since I always wind up on chapter 7a.


Theory: Paul has Imposter syndrome.


I definitely think it’s that he’s longing to be human. It’s mentioned (implied?) that both were turned against their will, so it’s something they’ve had to accept, rather than something they chose. Richard has embraced it and lives under no illusions, but it seems very strongly that Paul is desperately trying to hold onto the life he had before, even though it’s not really plausible to do so.


Ooooh good questions! Paul wants you to like him for several reasons (two of which you’ve already guessed)…

  1. IMPOSTOR SYNDROME: :rofl: There might be a little of this… Paul still likes to think of himself as “human,” even though he has a strong hunch that’s no longer the case.
  2. Yes, Paul relies quite a bit on his charisma to find food. And he’s constantly trying to up his game. It’s a huge win in his book if he can get you to like him in spite of the fact that he’s going to kill you.
  3. Not unlike Rich’s eyeball fetish, Paul enjoys gaining people’s trust just for the pleasure of betraying it. Of course, this strategy often backfires with Paul actually becoming attached to his victims.
  4. Paul is very interested in getting you to hunt for him. And although he’s willing to coerce you into doing so, he’d much rather you were on board.

@Romiress nailed it.

Even though Paul and Richard have come to accept (and enjoy) their nature, neither one of them chose to be turned. They’re both intimately familiar with the drawbacks to living forever (loss of loved ones, “accidents”, etc). It’s a very isolating condition, so they don’t have a ton of respect or understanding for people who seek it out. :grimacing:


Random question: how many people in the game can we kill? There could be an achievement called Just like Buffy: Slain every vampire in the game.

Another random question: do feelings transfer when one becomes a vampire? Which emotions are vampires even able to feel?

The last, not so random question: Do I remember correctly that Rich ate his wife?


The player should be able to kill all the vamps in a single play-through, although probably at the expense of your own life. I love the “Just like Buffy,” idea, btw - I’ll use it!

Turning leaves all of your core emotions/feelings intact; it only changes your wiring when it comes to hunger/pleasure. So while Richard and Paul may be able to feel sorry for their victims, this emotion is largely eclipsed by the pleasure of hunting/killing them. Given enough time, human beings start to look like food and empathy goes completely out the window.

Yes, Rich did eat his wife. :wink:

Oh, and I completely forgot to tell you how to get to 7b! In chapter 6, tell Charles that Paul never intends to turn him (this branch is closed off if you pulled Charles into dinner theater, however). Hope that helps!


Is there no way to kill everyone and survive? Even if we do everything perfect? Because as much as I love the vampires, I really want Lenore to have a peaceful ending where she can just chill and not worry because she survived.


I have a scenario in mind where the character could survive, but it would involve Paul going really easy on the MC after she killed his two best buds (as opposed to killing her right away). I might make this option available if your relationship stat with him is high enough - gotta play around with the idea to make sure I’m staying true to Paul’s character.


I am astonished that I hadn’t heard of this before today.

Was scrolling through the forums, and the concept behind this immediately drew me in. Its your execution that has me so impressed, though-- this type of plotline is an extremely delicate balancing act, but your storytelling and character building skills seem to carry it with ease.

Lenore has been so conflicted, desperate, nuanced– and the other characters similarly so-- that even I don’t truly know what ending I want. That’s why, even though I am positive that your original novel was just as captivating, I think this story lends itself perfectly to this kind of format. You are doing an amazing job so far.

All I know is, I’m looking forward to keeping my girl alive :wink:… in most playthroughs


@paragontethras :heart: :heart: :heart:

Your post completely made my day.

Thank you so much for saying this. I was very concerned the story wouldn’t transition well to this format.

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far! :grinning:


No it looks great! Things like the laundry “game” also help to make it a lot more interactive. There’s that real sense of will I or won’t I end up eaten by the end of each chapter :sweat_smile:


And then there are the moments where you get maybe a liiiittle too comfortable, and have to remind yourself why you’re there… :grimacing: Fun for the whole family!

(On that note, I love the addition of the alert vs. relaxed slider… catch me at my local coffee shop, shooting back espresso and muttering about pros and cons)


Haha I’m glad you like the games, I’ve got another one coming in the next chapter where you have to control your heart rate :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take that as a huge compliment. You aren’t supposed to want to leave :grin:


me @ me: [pointing at rich/paul] friend shaped? friends
also me @ me: bitch!!! are you blind? NO. not even if i squint.
hi, me again: oh look, now they are family shaped ¯_(ツ)_/¯

also just pls take everything i say ever as a compliment bc uhhhhh i am obsessed


@GenecoInheritor Wow. Umm… Thanks for playing, I guess? Sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea. Not sure why you kept going after chapter 1, but I do appreciate that you took the time to point out the typos. :+1:


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Much :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: @Elena_H

So ummm out of curiosity… what is Richard’s ‘song’? The one that would make him jump up and pull Lenore out on the dance floor? pls say he has one… help me get through work


Right back at ya, @paragontethras :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Oh wow I need to give this some thought… Richard’s a bit more stuck in the past than Paul, so I imagine he’d be a HUGE fan of 1920’s jazz music. If a fast-paced jazz tune from the 20’s came on all of a sudden, I’ll bet he’d show you how to dance the Charleston. :slight_smile: Maybe something like “Ain’t Misbehavin”?

Hope that helps! And I hope your day at work improves :smiley:


What about Paul? Does he have a song?

Also, I’m going to tag you here @impeccably-stressed because considering your obsession with Murphy I think you would appreciate this game and Richard specially :joy: